10 months ago

Laravel does not find File Manager after move to webserver

Posted 10 months ago by Tommy001

I have installed CKEditor and Laravel file manager, wich works fine locally. But after moving the project to a test subfolder in my shared hosting, I get the error message Object not found. I can see that the path to the application is wrong, but where do I change it (to add those extra folders in the path)?

I have tried to change base_directory in the lfm.php file and also the url_prefix in that same file, without luck.


EDITED: Reading my question again I can see that it was not very clear. The difference between local and production servers is that in the latter the Laravel application lives in a subfolder 2 levels down from the web root. The error message above shows when I try to use the image upload function in CKeditor, which is using Laravel Filemanager.

So somewhere I need to add those extra folders in the path to LFM application. But I can't figure out where.

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