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Jetstream, Fortify, customizations and a (semi) disaster!

Posted 1 week ago by AlexSteele

OK. Here was my process in succinctly:

  1. fresh install of laravel 8
  2. install jetstream with livewire stack
  3. ** using the profile photo files as an example, create a second set of all the files needed to add another photo / media to the user record. edit everywhere, and create all the files in the vendor/laravel/jetstream folder that makes this happen. create blade component for this, register it, add it to the structure. updated SQL tables.
  4. Everything has been working perfectly!
  5. I was going to use a new package to detect user agent, decided to install on CL per typical, was notified to update my version of composer
  6. ran composer update
  7. BOOOOM! It appears that all my additions and extra components, classes and parts that were added by me for the new media have been completely wiped out. The vendor folder is back to its original contents *********

I understand at this point what happened, and probably why.

The main quesion is - if we need to enhance and update the profile management experience and we are required to use a stack like livewire, with alpine, and all of those layouts are deep within a vendor folder and we are not able to make lasting changes in there that won't be killed with an update, is there some documentation on how to enhance outside of those structures - or if the documentation doesn't exist can the makers of jetstream post some?

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