3 weeks ago

Is PHP a pre-requisite for Homestead?

Posted 3 weeks ago by carltondickson


We're using Homestead in one of our PHP projects and from what I can see in the documentation you don't need to have already installed PHP.

Our process is that we checkout the project onto a machine with no PHP on it and try and run vagrant up but we get an error in our Vagrantfile

Message: LoadError: cannot load such file -- ./vendor/laravel/homestead/scripts/homestead.rb

Which will be the case when the project has freshly been checked out as the vendor directory hasn't been created from composer install which the machine doesn't have either.

On a side note Composer has a dependency of PHP 5.3.2 ( so a little confused at how Homestead can be used without PHP

Are you supposed to checkout homestead in a separate directory and let the vagrantfile know about this confDif somehow?

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