3 months ago

How to display all files in a directory in my view

Posted 3 months ago by thecelebratedmrk

What I'm trying to do:

My Storage/Images-directory has a lot of images that I want to display as a gallery. Something like:

@foreach($files as $file)

img src="{{$file}}"


I've looked at already, but haven't had any luck so far.

What I don't understand:

  • Which directory should I point to? Do I use asset() in the same way as when I link to my app.css? Do I link directly to
  • Where do I add the $files = Storage::allFiles($directory);

I suspect that I should do something in routes/web.php, app/Http/PagesController.php and a custom view, but I don't know where to add what.

Any help appreciated.

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