How could you post part of code on Laracast ??

Posted 2 years ago by Christianus

Simply fool question from me cause i'm newbie and searching for an answer How could you guys when you comment you share part of your code with GREY BACKGROUND and it so tidy, i couldnt do that... Ex

public function insertkeluhan(Request $request){ if($request->hasFile('ttdcus1')) { $imageTempName = $request->file('ttdcus1')->getPathname(); $imageName = $request->file('ttdcus1')->getClientOriginalName(); $path = base_path() . '/public/img/ttd'; $request->file('ttdcus1')->move($path , $imageName); } $keluhan = keluhan::create($request->all()); $keluhan->ttd_pemohon = $imageName;

output is so untidy when i post... please guide & sorry

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