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Help with pattern for project

Posted 9 months ago by andrethedev

I'm trying to figure it out the best approach to develop a project that I'm working on (and that have the possibility of growing). Maybe you guys can give some advice, some tips.

On the application, there will be a section to create a contract. At the same time, the app should insert the members of contract, membership cards for each member, a sale (with price) of the contract, a sale comission for the seller, a group of monthly payments. All of this coming from one single form.

I was thinking on let the controllers on the clean side, dividing responsabilities with others layers. The idea until now is explained with some sample codes:


use App\Http\Requests\CreateContractRequest;
use App\Services\CreateContractService;

class ContractController {

    public function create(CreateContractRequest $request, CreateContractService $service) {
        $contract = $service->execute($request->only(
            ... other columns ...
        return response()->json($contract, 201);


use App\Repositories\ContractRepository;

use App\Services\AddMemberToContractService;
use App\Services\AddMembershipCardToMemberService;
use App\Services\CreateSaleService;

class CreateContractService {

    public function __construct() {
        $this->contractRepo = new ContractRepository();
        $this->addMemberToContract = new AddMemberToContractService();
        $this->addMembershipCardToMember = new AddMembershipCardToMemberService();
        $this->createSale = new CreateSaleService();
    public function execute(array $data) {
        // Create contract
        $new_contract = $this->contractRepo->create($data);
        foreach ($data['member_list'] as $m) :
            // Add members
            $new_member = $this->addMemberToContract->execute($id_contract, $m);
            // Create membership cards for members
            $new_card = $this->addMembershipCardToMember->execute($new_member);
        // Create sale
        $new_sale = $this->createSale->execute($data);
        ... others inserts ...
        return $new_contract;



use App\models\Contracts;

class ContractRepository {

    public function create(array $data) {
        $o_contract = new Contracts();
        $o_contract->cod_plan = $data['cod_plan'];
        $o_contract->cod_seller = $data['cod_seller'];
        ... other columns ...
        return $o_contract;


With that, I have some questions.

  1. This approach make sense? Is the better way of do it? I'm trying to make the code more reusable and decoupled.

  2. Can I (and should I) separate more the services and the logic behind them?

  3. How should I handle the errors? Use exceptions? Even for ajax requests? Should I verify for errors on each part of the 'execute' method and return messages mannually?

  4. If I have to work with exceptions, how can make my own exceptions?

  5. If some part of the code result on a error, how can I undo the inserts already done to make sure that the user can utilize the form to try the same insertion again?

  6. On the services, should I only return data objects, booleans or responses?

  7. The responses are better just in the controllers?

  8. How should I handle errors on the repositories and pass the same errors to the services?

  9. With this structure, can I make tests more easily?

  10. Its hard to use the same code to a web and a api version of the app?

I appreciate the help.

(Sorry if the english is not that good...)

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