5 months ago

Frontend 'module' enable/disable from Backend

Posted 5 months ago by Danny_Denter

I'm working on a project with many so called frontend "Modules" and I'm trying to find a way how to enable and disable them from the backendside of my application.

Lets say I have a accounting application which includes stuff like user control, bill history, etc.*

For some reason the client I'm working for desides not to use the bill history for now, but only the user control. I want to add a 'controlpanel' on the admin side of the application where I can disable the module "bill history" and all the code wil still be there, but not working (like navigation links, etc.).

What would be the easiest way to implement this in my app?

Also I'm using the laravel-permission package from Spatie. Don't know if it's necessary to know, but better save than sorry.

*due to a NDA, I can't speak about the exact project in detail. And I don't even know how to describe it English as a non-native speaking person.

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