2 years ago

Form validation bag is empty , Laravel 5.3

Posted 2 years ago by Sparta

I am running laravel 5.3 , and I have a simple form validation

My controller: $this->validate($request, [ 'amount' => 'required', ]);

Than in my view I print out the errors but it always get an empty bag C:\wamp64\www\storage\framework\views\f859db63e8f96dcfcb0ef438b03d96a927aa3023.php:48: object(Illuminate\Support\ViewErrorBag)[189] protected 'bags' => array (size=1) 'default' => object(Illuminate\Support\MessageBag)[190] protected 'messages' => array (size=1) ... protected 'format' => string ':message' (length=8)

I followed Edgar Yonemura ( but it didnt help

please help, thanks

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