Error Code : 1747 Error Message : ORA-01747 invalid colun.table position

Posted 3 years ago by angelorigo


Using domain driven design i have a repository class wich call update method receiving an employee object

For the insert method everything runs fine but for the update method i do get this Oracle message : Position : 29 Statement : update employees set Bindings : [] ...

How can i run toSql method, or how can i see and correct the query ?

Seems to me everything is in place and can not find what trigger this error

My code :

public function updateEmployee( Employee $employee )
    return $this->model->update();


public function postFormUpdateEmployee( EmployeeFormRequest  $request  )
    $employee = app( Employee::class );
    $employee->id           = $request->input('id');
    $employee->name         = $request->input('name');
    $employee->email        = $request->input('email');
    $employee->phone        = $request->input('phone');
    $employee->category_id  = $request->input('category_id');
    $employee->created      = $request->input('created');
    $employee->created_by   = $request->input('created_by');
    $employee->created_ip   = $request->input('created_ip');
    $employee->modified = Carbon::now();
    $employee->modified_ip = Request::getClientIp(true);
    $employee->modified_by = \Session::get('user')->id;
    return view('employee.update_form', compact('employee'));

ThankĀ“s in advance

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