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Developing part of a project into laravel.

Posted 3 weeks ago by vildanhakanaj

Hey guys,

Hope I can find some answers or some guidance in the community regarding a problem I'm facing. I never had to do this before so its kind of new and I don't know what the best approach is for it.

So I have a project that is almost done and it's written in core PHP and MySQL. It has a login system and it's already hosted. The code is not the best code and it doesn't allow for expansion in the future and would like to eventually turn this project into a Laravel project. project1.example.comis almost done But now I need to build another project that is not directly related to but has the same users that will be using the system and I need to build a single login that will take the users to a hub that they then can go to either project 1 or project 2 or future features and I want to do this on a new Laravel project to have a fresh start. So basically I need to remove the login form from ( project 1 )

Now I was thinking to use Laravel for this part of the project and use the same database to have access to the same users.

The issue I'm having is how do I transfer the login session for the user after they login to from the new Laravel because they will be in two different folders in the public_html when users logs in through and they click on the link to go to

What would be the best approach?

I was thinking maybe send a unique id for the logged-in user which then I can use that to log in the user in and create a session there.

Or create a session table that the two applications can share?

They don't have to be in two different subdomains I would be more than happy if I can use as my main entry point.

Would it work if I placed the Laravel application inside the and made that the entry point of the application?

Sorry if this is confusing, not sure if I'm explaining the problem properly. but basically need to merge the two projects together under one login and start developing using Laravel one project is using core php the other one will be using laravel but they are under two different project folders and need the users to jump between projects. Eventually, I would like to convert the ( project 1 ) to Laravel and merge them into one domain.

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