2 months ago

Decypher this...

Posted 2 months ago by theUnforgiven

Sorry, I'm running on 10 mins sleep in like 30 hours now, thanks to my lovely 1 year old...However I'm having a brain freeze...

I have this as a collection:

 #items: array:1 [▼
    0 => "{"fees":[{"item":"Admin Fee","fee":"25"}],"fines":[],"vat_reg":false,"prices_ex_vat":false,"management_perc":"%","management_fee":"10","tenant_fee_desc":null,"tenant_fee":null,"vat_number":null,"feeSymbol":"%","tenantSymbol":null,"otherTenantFees":null} ◀"

How does one get this so it can be displayed nicely in a table?

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