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Creating a dropdown that dynamically creates another dropdown - Please help....

Posted 4 months ago by nurge

Hi, I'm fairly new to Laravel (and I love it!) I'm trying to do something a bit complicated: Creating a drop-down menu that upon selection of an option -will display a second drop-down menu that will give further options dynamically based on the previous selection.

My controller looks like this:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use App\Manufacturer;
use App\GearCategory;
use App\SubCategory;
use App\GearItem;

class GearItemController extends Controller
    public function __construct()

    public function create(Manufacturer $manufacturers, GearItem $gearItem, GearCategory $gearCategory, SubCategory $subCategory)
        // dd($gearCategory->all());
        $catNum = 6; // <-- needs to be equal to the dispaly div name. Hard coded as 6 for test purposes. 
        $gearCategory = $gearCategory->all();
        $subCategory = $subCategory::where('gear_categories_id', $catNum)->get();
        $manufacturers = $manufacturers->all();

        return view('gearitem.create', compact('gearCategory'), compact('subCategory'), compact('manufacturers'),  compact('gearItem'));

My blade looks like this:

  <div class="card-header">
                    <h3>Add a new gear Item</h3>
                <div class="container">
                    <select name="gear_categories_id" id="gear_categories_id" class="custom-select mb-3 mt-3"
                        onchange="selector('display_div', this)">
                        <option value="" selected>Choose category</option>
                        @foreach ($gearCategory as $category)
                        <option id="cat_selector" value="{{ $category->id  }}"
                            {{ (old("gear_categories_id") == $category->id ? "selected" : "") }}>{{ $category->name }}

                    "use strict"
                    function selector(divId, element) {


                        document.getElementById(divId).setAttribute("name", element.value)

                    <div class="display_div container" id="display_div" name="">
                    <select name="sub_categories_id" id="sub_categories_id" class="custom-select mb-3 mt-3">
                    <option value="" selected>Choose item's type</option>
                    @foreach ($subCategory as $scategory)
                    <option id="cat_selector" value="{{ $scategory->id }}"
                        {{ (old("sub_categories_id") == $scategory->id ? "selected" : "") }}>{{ $scategory->name }}


(Sorry for using vanilla JS i haven't gotten into Vue yet...) I'm trying to pass the name of the "display_div" onto the $catNum variable in the controller (set to "6" just to test if it works but should be set to whatever the user is choosing on the first dropdown) The values of the 'gear_categories_id' appear as a foreign key in the SubCategory model and if i'll manage to feed these values to the second dropdown it would work. I've been struggling for hours with it and I can't figure it out... Please help and sorry for being such a n00b.

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