1 month ago

CookieValuePrefix NOT FOUND

Posted 1 month ago by DevTron2k


I've been stuck with this for error for the past several hours...

Error Class 'Illuminate\Cookie\CookieValuePrefix' not found

I've deleted 'vendors' and 'composer.lock' and ran composer install without any luck in resolving this.

I've 'composer require illuminate/cookie' and added the following into 'bootstrap/app.php':

$app->singleton('cookie', function () use ($app) { return $app->loadComponent('session', 'Illuminate\Cookie\CookieServiceProvider', 'cookie'); });

$app->bind('Illuminate\Contracts\Cookie\QueueingFactory', 'cookie');

I've run 'ran composer dump-autoload' , 'php artisan cache:clear', 'php artisan optimize:clear'

Please HELP!

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