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Attach Uploaded Image To A User

Posted 3 years ago by osherdo

I am uploading image to the server using Dropzone.js. I want to associate the uploaded image to a user . So basically this is a one-to-one realtionship between a user and his profile image.

How can I associate the image with a user?

I have also 2 tables : users and profile_images .I have also created a pivot table with 2 columns : user,image_path . Right now this is the code I have on the view to upload the images (including dropzone.js code). view:

<div class="container">
                <!-- <div class="dropzone" id="dropzoneFileUpload">
                </div> -->
                <form id="dropzoneFileUpload" method="post" action="{{action('[email protected]')}}" class="dropzone">
                  <div class="fallback">
                    <input name="file" type="file" />
                    <!-- <input type="hidden" name="_token" value="{{Session::getToken()}}"> -->

<script type="text/javascript">
                 Dropzone.options.dropzoneFileUpload = {
                    paramName: "file", // The name that will be used to transfer the file
                    maxFilesize: 2, // MB
                    maxFiles: 1,
                    addRemoveLinks: true,
                    init: function(){
                      this.on("success", function(file,resp){
                          alert("Image uploaded successfully");
                        else {
                          alert("Faild to upload image! Try again");


public function index()
  return view('dropzone_demo');

public function uploadFiles()

  $message="Profile Image Created";
  $input = Input::all();

  $rules = array(
      'file' => 'image|max:3000',

  $validation = Validator::make($input, $rules);

  if ($validation->fails()) {
      return Response::make($validation->errors->first(), 400);

  $destinationPath = 'uploads'; // upload path: public/uploads
  $extension = Input::file('file')->getClientOriginalExtension(); // getting file extension
  $fileName = rand(11111, 99999) . '.' . $extension; // renameing image
  $upload_success = Input::file('file')->move($destinationPath, $fileName); // uploading file to given path

  if ($upload_success) {
      return Response::json('success', 200);
  } else {
      return Response::json('error', 400);


EDIT: I am trying to insert the uploaded image path to the profile_images table. This is still experimental code, and I have to know yet to associate the image with the authenticated user:

public function __construct()


public function associate()
    echo "no image profile has been uploaded";
      // I need to attach the uploaded image to the authenticated user.
         $profile_image = new AppProfileImage; // Creating a new instance of the model.
         $profile_image->profile_images = $user->id;

Question is : how do I process the image that I have uploaded to be set as a profile image of the user?

Would appreciate your suggestions, thanks.

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