2 years ago

Am I Just Stupid?

Posted 2 years ago by JackJones

I have a degree in Computer Science and a Foundation Degree in Engineering, and I'm still not able to do huge amounts of stuff in Laravel

For my final year project I wrote my own framework and created an application in PHP that I would like to move to Laravel

I've watched Laracasts and for me it goes from "OK this is way too easy" to "WTF are you on about" within the space of 1 or 2 videos

Would you recommend that I simply give up on Laravel or is there something I'm missing?

Even simple things like Gates go from "OK" to "WTF"

I want simple roles and authorization from a database, but I'm constantly relying on third-party stuff with questionable user support or readme's, I would like to write my own but I don't even know where to begin

I'm starting to think I just must be thick

Even simple things like DB::select end up being atrociously complicated methods that don't appear anywhere and wind up being horrendously complicated monsters that should be the simple backbone of my application

Should I just give in and continue using my own framework or another such as CI or Symfony, or is there a way to untangle what at present seems like crazy madness?

Thanks Lee

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