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22 Mar
3 months ago

zerohour started a new conversation Access Level To Illuminate\Queue\Jobs\Job::failed()

Any even hints at the cause of this would be fantastic. My app was working fine and now I am seeing this error when trying to process my jobs. Any and all queues. Even when I submit a chatbox message, which updates without refresh throws this message.

It says SyncJob but my ques use redis...

Access level to Illuminate\Queue\Jobs\Job::failed() must be public (as in class Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\Job) exception Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException file .... vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Queue/Jobs/SyncJob.php

There is no trace data available and there no rhyme or reason why this is all of a sudden doing this.

Anybody experience this or have any ideas?

29 Dec
5 months ago

zerohour left a reply on Envoyer Deployment Removes My Uploaded Media

@LOSTDREAMER_NL - Thanks, I was hesitant to do this for some reason as I have a live site. But I made the changes and all seems well.

22 Dec
6 months ago

zerohour left a reply on Laravel Cors Issue On Production Server(NGINX)

Have you tried to add: '' to your array of allow_origins?

16 Dec
6 months ago

zerohour started a new conversation Envoyer Deployment Removes My Uploaded Media

So I have an application that uploads media into public/uploads/{member_id}/file.ext

As expected when a new deployment is done, the uploads no longer work as the public folder is created new.

My question is, How can I either MOVE the contents of public/upload to the new release or create something similar to how the storage folder works, which is maintained across deployments.

22 Jun
1 year ago

zerohour started a new conversation Vendor Publisher Issue

So I have a plugin that requires me to publish a view into a directory

This works: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=applicationForm --force

However, when I do this within my activation method:

Artisan::call('vendor:publish',[ '--force' => true, '--tag' => 'applicationForm' ]); Nothing gets published and no erros are found within the system logs.

Am I missing something?

27 May
1 year ago

zerohour left a reply on Multi-Auth Events

My issue has not been addressed and your links do NOT address my issue/question.

Yes, it could be done from one table, but in my application I want them separated. I have my reasons for this. I successfully implemented the dual auth systems.

My issue is not whether X has permission to do something...

Either way, I found a solution to the issue I was experiencing.

zerohour started a new conversation Muti-Auth Events

I have implemented a multi-auth system, Admins & Users

Admins are stored in a separate table then Users.

I have a login history table that is used for users to record their failed and successful login attempts. I have setup a FK on the login history table to the ID of the users table.

However, when my admins login, and fail... there is an error thrown, mention that the ID of admin is not in the users table (which is obvious and expected.)

How do I PREVENT the default events of Laravel from firing OR how can I check what GUARD the failed attempt came from when my ADMINs are trying to log in.

This issue does not affect any successfully logged in users because I am able to check for the guard's name.

09 Oct
1 year ago

zerohour started a new conversation Mailable Qued Variables Missing

I have a working Mailable setup when I send the mails right away (not queued)

However when I change

Mail::to('email)->send(new Class(Var,Var)) to Mail::to('email)->queue(new Class(Var,Var))

the emails are not send and there is errors that SUCH variables withing my email template are not available.

I even tried to go about it by adding: ->with(['var_in_template'=>$this->var_set_in_construct]) but still, says the variable is missing...

And yes, all variables are set as public in my class (The Mailable works when sent right away)

Any idea what I am missing?

11 Apr
2 years ago

zerohour started a new conversation Gathering Records Created Within Minutes Of Each Other


I was wondering if there was a eloguent/clean way to doing the following:

I want to search my table for user_id's that where recorded within 5 minutes of each other. From these records, I just need to spit out all the ID's that where found more then 4 times.

Right now, I query the DB a couple times.. First I grab all records created at a certain DATE.

Then I re-query for all the Records that are within 5 minutes of those records...Then I count the times the same user id appears, if more then 4, I throw it in an array..

I feel like there should be something cleaner/better way to do this.

28 Jun
2 years ago

zerohour left a reply on Really Wish Spark Was Straight Laravel/PHP, No VueJS!

@skattabrain - As a back end developer Vue was new ground for me.. I do not like dealing with anything with a front end interface, there's a specific set of people who do this.. and I am always glad to hire out for this when time is right.

IMO its extra unnecessary steps to output data. If i knew all this, I would have just done it all myself with cashier.

zerohour left a reply on Really Wish Spark Was Straight Laravel/PHP, No VueJS!

@zanematthew - Just front end for now.. I actually already have my own Admin are so I don't even use the kiosk. And it wasn't so much daunting as was just a little extra work.

Just a little time, patience and coffee or tea :D

19 Jun
3 years ago

zerohour left a reply on Re-Skinning(!) Spark Basic Template...

@Gorby - Welcome and sorry for the tough English... that was a very poorly written post.

Good Luck!

zerohour left a reply on Spark And The Auth Class

Spark uses Laraval and therefore uses the Auth class..

hope it helps

zerohour left a reply on Braintree Webhooks In Spark


From the documentation:

Webhooks In order to display a list of your customer's invoices, you must configure the appropriate webhooks on Stripe or Braintree.

Stripe webhooks should be configured to point to the /webhook/stripe URI. The Braintree subscription_canceled, subscription_charged_successfully, and subscription_expired webhook events should be configured to point to /webhook/braintree URI.

Hope it helps

zerohour left a reply on Really Wish Spark Was Straight Laravel/PHP, No VueJS!

@zanematthew - You can replace VUE, just for some it may not be worth it...

I am more then half done preparing a update for my app that will 100% remove VUE. Yes i had to rewrite some stuff, but to say it cannot be done is very misleading and false.

Just wanted to clear that.

zerohour started a new conversation Vue-less Spark

Hello Why Can't there be a Spark version that does not use Vue? Not all developers, like my self, are very fluent or even heard of VUE before Spark. This creates the same situation as simply using Laravel, but instead of implementing billing and user Auth, you have to spend time learning and becoming fluent in VUE.

My other gripe about VUE, is why use it..., it seems like an extra, and unnecessary, step in displaying data.

To me and from some of the things people are saying, Spark would be MUCH better for the novice/less experienced developers if it was VUE-less.

Any thoughts?

zerohour left a reply on Re-Skinning(!) Spark Basic Template...

I basically just "Re-built" my Laravel app into Spark...

As for quick tips, my personal suggestion and It may not be popular and people will disagree but, get rid of VUE. For me I choose to this because the only thing I cared for in Spark was not having to do the billing aspect. Billing does not HAVE to use vue. Being most of the templates I choose already have JQUERY support, VUE causes issues/

For my current version, I am using a IF statement for the settings page to ONLY include vue on that page, and I not load the templates JQuery and bootstrap. This way there is no conflict between the two (which I was experiencing). My login/register page also load vue but do to being a separate file and not loading the full template was easy to keep vue then remove.

I am using this template

I will be completely removing VUE in my next update, as IMO I do not see VUE as a great thing and is more hassle then is worth. I have never sat down to learn JS in any form and can edit it, i usually outsource anything to do with front end and JS.

Maybe one day Ill be motivated enough to take some time to learn it and master it.. for now, I like backend development to much :D

If your interested in taking a look at my app, let me know, Ill provide a link

10 Jun
3 years ago

zerohour started a new conversation Free Plan Without Subscribing

Why does the free plan only display AFTER someone subscribes? How am I able to display the free plan right from the start?


09 Jun
3 years ago

zerohour left a reply on Implementing A Template?

Thanks for the reply..

I decide to dive head first and just try it out and well it wasn't to bad..

the main issue I have is the template I chose has bootstrap/jquery in it as well, and there is conflicts between the app.js and my templates... but other then this, seems not to bad..

07 Jun
3 years ago

zerohour started a new conversation Implementing A Template?

Is it possible to integrate a template onto Spark?

I have a sweet looking Theme I want to try and use, provides a little more then the basic spark one..

I guess im asking: Will it break the VUE dependent Settings/Contact form?

I am by far a better developer then a html/css implementer and I really do hate having to go deep into html/css to make things work.

06 Jun
3 years ago

zerohour left a reply on Spark Questions About Features


I just bought Spark Today :). Looked sexy and provides exactly what i hate doing in a project.

To answer your questions:

1.) No, but you can develop this in. 2.) As far as i know, no.. The billing is provided by Braintree or Stripe, which I do not believe supports hourly billing. 3.) There is a "admin" area, you can assign certain accounts to see this area... Spark calls it the Kiosk. 4.) Braintree supports payments via PayPal. Also there are packages for laravel/cashier that allow the use of paypal as well.. You can do the research on it.

Good luck!

zerohour left a reply on Whats Missing? Can't Go To Sub Pages


You have to enable mod_rewrite for your webroot.