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3 months ago
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Commented on Object Composition And Abstractions


For the 'interface' part, I tried to use 'abstract' and it works. I wonder why? AFAIK, the main difference between an interface and abstract is interface can be implemented multiple times and abstract can only be extended just once. So, both are applicable but it will be a problem for abstract when the modules (maybe they will be order class, invoice class, dispute class, etc) of the application are growing unlike interface you can just create new interfaces and keep implementing them, right?

class AplikasiServis {

    protected Gateway $pembayaran;

    public function __construct(Gateway $pembayaran) {
        $this->pembayaran = $pembayaran;

    public function dapatkanServis() {
        echo $this->pembayaran->bayarBulanan();

abstract class Gateway {
    abstract public function bayarBulanan();
    abstract public function bayarTahunan();

class PembayaranStripe extends Gateway {
    public function bayarBulanan() {
        return "Stripe Bulanan";

    public function bayarTahunan() {
        return "Stripe Tahunan";

$servis = new AplikasiServis(new PembayaranStripe);
$servis->dapatkanServis(); // Stripe Bulanan
3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Best Pratice For Double Queries At A Time? (PHP)


So, I have to get 2 sets of data (from two different table competition and user) to determine which competition the user has already registered or not by checking the participation table (many-to-many relationship since, multiple users can join multiple competitions). I thought of doing;

2 Queries (using PHP's mysqli::multi_query)

Query all from competition to set the values of option tag in the select tag and query from participant to compare the values of which competition the users have registered. If it is the same value then add disabled attribute into the option tag. So, users can only pick the option that they have not registered yet.

1 Query

Query all from competition and let users pick the option tag including the one they have already registered. However, during inserting the data query, include a check for duplicate of the same data (fk_user_id and fk_competition_id) using the ON CONFLICT (PgSQL) or ON DUPLICATE (MySQL). Then, handle the error accordingly to the user.

PS: I cannot use UNIQUE for both column since the same user can register for another competition and a competition can be participated by another user.

What do you think?

Thank you for you time.

3 months ago
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Replied to Accessing Parent Method From Subclass Instantiation

Ahh, since I am chaining the method, uppercaseName() expects a returning value from awarded() method, isn't it? How did I missed such small detail. 😅


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Started a new Conversation Accessing Parent Method From Subclass Instantiation


I tried to access a parent method from a subclass instantiation using this code;


abstract class AchievementType {
    protected $user;

    public function uppercaseName() {
        return strtoupper($this->user);

class bestAnswer extends AchievementType {
    public function awarded($user) {
        $this->user = $user;

var_dump((new bestAnswer())->awarded("zaimazhar97")->uppercaseName());

After the awarded method retrieved the value "zaimazhar97", shouldn't $this->user variable is accessible from both classes?

but I got

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function uppercaseName()

I thought the subclass bestAnswer inherits uppsercaseName() method from the parent? Sorry if the question is simple...

Thank you for you time. 🙂