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22 Nov
9 months ago

xhister left a reply on Regex Is Almost Complete

While i was browsing the web and knocking my head in the laptop screen i finally got to the solution. I hope there are no bugs :) Here is the final regex :


The regex does the following:

When the user provides his full name it validates the name by checking if the name contains only one space between the first and last name, checks if the first letter of each name is uppercase and that is only one uppercase in the name, and if the script is cyrillic remove some characters from it. For example the characters from ы-э. This is it ! :) I hope it helps someone further in their work !

xhister left a reply on Regex Is Almost Complete

@SERGIU17 - I will give it a try and send you a feedback how is going.

21 Nov
9 months ago

xhister started a new conversation Regex Is Almost Complete

I have a regex, which is written in pcre (the php standard for regex creating, if I'm not mistaken). What I'm trying to accomplish is validate Full Name input field with the help of regex. The thing is that I'm trying to make it have only one space, exclude some cyrillic characters with negative lookahead and add a range of cyrillic characters. Each name must start with capital letter for which purpose I make use of the ^\p{Lu}, but when applying the same technique to my second capturing group it doesn't work.

This is the website where I test my regex: https://regex101.com/r/vD5iH9/203

Can someone guide to where my problem is ?

13 Nov
10 months ago

xhister left a reply on New Fresh Laracasts UI

@JEFFREYWAY - Thank you for your answer ! I was stumbled upon the carousel located at the home page. I went through the code and i saw the class flickity. Was it made with flickity.js ?

xhister started a new conversation New Fresh Laracasts UI

Recently there has been an update with the UI/UX of the website. When i visited it for the first time since its update i was stunned by the visual effects. For sure Jeffrey Way made a good work. I was going around the website enjoying the nice view. What came to my mind what technology could possibly be used for this kind of visual effects. What are all the JS frameworks/libraries used to generate the amazing UX ? What are all the CSS frameworks/libraries if there are such that produce the UI ? I was curious to know this.

14 Feb
1 year ago

xhister left a reply on Reference Question

Yep, I think i got it. Thank you for the answer ! :)

xhister started a new conversation Reference Question

Hello, Laracasts members !

My question is not connected to any code channel. It is out of curiosity. Yesterday i checked into the javascript code of laracasts.com and saw that one of the script files was 18 000 lines or so and other was 14 000 lines long. I was thinking if they were part of some kind of javascript library but i noticed it was nothing like what i have seen before. For reference here are the files that i checked:



My question is If jeffrey wrote them by himself, all alone or they are part of a javascript library/framework etc. or at least most of it.