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24 Apr
3 weeks ago

wyatt44 left a reply on Laravel 5 Loading Wrong .env File

@SEADEV - Just spent two days attempting to debug this issue, caching it fixed everything! Thanks a million!

03 Feb
3 months ago

wyatt44 started a new conversation Large File Uploads In Nova

Hey all,

I am trying to upload large files via Nova, everything is working great except when you start uploading large files. The file is uploaded to storage in real time, and I can't seem to find a way to pass the uploading to a job.

I've tried to create an invoke-able class (as the docs suggest) and dispatch the job via that class, but was unable to get it working.

Anybody have any experience or suggestions?

Thank you!

18 Jan
4 months ago

wyatt44 left a reply on Avatar Not Persisting

Whenever I am having problems with uploaded assets, I check that I have linked the storage directory? Have you done this?

php artisan storage:link

Docs: https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/filesystem#configuration

01 Jan
4 months ago

wyatt44 started a new conversation Turbolinks & File Downloads

Happy News Years everyone!

Ran into an issue today while experimenting with Turbolinks and thought I would share for future searchers.

If using turbolinks and using links to prompt the user to download a file, make sure you disable turbolinks for that link.

<a href="url" class="block" data-turbolinks="false">Download</a>

Reference: https://github.com/turbolinks/turbolinks#disabling-turbolinks-on-specific-links

30 Nov
5 months ago

wyatt44 left a reply on Escaping {{ In VueJS

I went ahead and stripped down part of my component is placed it below.

<div v-for="link in filteredLinks">
            <a :href="link.url" target="_blank">{{ link.title }}</a>
          <p>{{ link.description }}</p>

filteredLinks is an array of arrays. It is breaking when the link.description contains the following:

<form id="logout-form" :action="href" method="POST" style="display: none;">
        {{ csrf_field() }}

In the console it is giving me a TypeError: csrf_field is not a function error. And stopping Vue from rendering the component.

Hope this helps clear up the question?

wyatt44 left a reply on Escaping {{ In VueJS

I'm tried a few combinations of v-pre and v-html, the main problem is I won't always know what the content is that I am trying to escape (It is user generated data) other than that it could have the {{'s in it.

Any other suggestions?

wyatt44 left a reply on Escape {{ }} In Vue (2.0)

@VMITCHELL85 - Sorry,

Should have expanded a bit, I am displaying data from the database, that may or may not have {{'s in the content. For example I have a bit of content that looks like {{ my_function }}

So I want the data to be outputted as normal, but the handlebars are breaking it. Should I be escaping these values before it is input into the database?

Thanks for the help!

wyatt44 left a reply on Escape {{ }} In Vue (2.0)

@MATT_PANTON - Hey Matt,

Long shot, but any updates on how to best handle database content that may have {{'s in it?


wyatt44 started a new conversation Escaping {{ In VueJS

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am having escaping {{ in VueJS. I an saving dynamic data to the database and displaying it view Vue components.

Anytime the content has example code for Vue where the double handlebars are used, when I try to display the content, it breaks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

29 Oct
6 months ago

wyatt44 started a new conversation Multiple Modals Best Practice

Hey everyone just wanting to get some opinions,

I have a collection of list items with buttons to open modals to edit the data, the modal is the same for every item only the specific information inside changes. Each item is rendered as a Vue component.

Each modal contains a form that displays the items data and submits a post request with the item id as a field. My question is how to best handle modals for a bunch of items, should I be:

  1. rendering a modal for each item
  2. rendering a single modal and passing item specific details on click

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! - Happy Coding