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11 Dec
8 months ago

wwweston left a reply on ResourceCollection Throwing An 'Undefined Property ($map) Error'

I can't find a DELETE QUESTION action... Sorry, but I found the problem. I was attempting to use the ResourceCollection::collection($collection) (like with a singular resource) static call, when it should have been new ResourceCollection($collection).

Sorry- if anyone knows how to remove your own questions, I'd like to delete this.

wwweston started a new conversation ResourceCollection Throwing An 'Undefined Property ($map) Error'

I'm pretty new to the Resources stuff... I'm getting an Undefined property: Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder::$map error thrown when I try to implement this collection resource...

I read: https://laracasts.com/discuss/channels/eloquent/undefined-property-illuminatedatabasequerybuildermap

But this doesn't seem to apply to me, as I can confirm that $this->leads is in fact a collection.

I'm attempting to Nest a collection inside a singular resource class...

/* JSON Resource*/

class FormResource extends JsonResource
     * Transform the resource into an array.
     * @param  33
     * @return array
    public function toArray($request)
        return [
            'relationships' => [
                'owner' => new User($this->owner),
                'leads' => Leads::collection($this->leads), /* CULPRIT */
            'attributes' => parent::toArray($request)


/* Here's the Resource Collection */

class Leads extends ResourceCollection
     * Transform the resource collection into an array.
     * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
     * @return array
    public function toArray($request)
        return parent::toArray($request);

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, just can't figure what it is. I seem to be following the specs in the docs: https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/eloquent-resources

Here's the full Error/Stack: https://paste.laravel.io/56f4d01b-e349-49bd-81ea-7075ecd94c40

23 Oct
9 months ago

wwweston left a reply on Prevent SQL Injection In DB:raw

Hey @pascal83 - I just joined the site recently. I know this is an old post. But I thought I'd help you re-write that DB::raw query using DB::select (with bindings). So, similar to using something like $modelQueryBuilder->where($x, $y)->setBindings((array) $dataBindings)->get();. Your query would look a little like this;

$sql_statement =
                        * SIN(RADIANS(Y(gm_coor) - :session_lng)), 2)
                        + POW(COS(RADIANS(X(gm_coor)))
                        * SIN(RADIANS(:session_lat))
                        - SIN(RADIANS(X(gm_coor)))
                        * COS(RADIANS(:session_lat))
                        * COS(RADIANS(Y(gm_coor) - :session_lng)), 2)),
                        * SIN(RADIANS(:session_lat))
                        + COS(RADIANS(X(gm_coor)))
                        * COS(RADIANS(:session_lat))
                        * COS(RADIANS(Y(gm_coor)
                        - :session_lng))))
                        * 6372.795 AS distance
        inner join
            Users.id = Profiles.userid
            Profiles.Active = 1
            Profiles.firstlanguage = :firstlanguage
            distance < 250
    order by
            users.id desc,
            distance asc

$profiles = DB::select($sql_statement, [
    'session_lng'  => Session('lng'),
    'session_lat'  => Session('lat'),
    'firstlanuage' => $firstlanguage,