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03 Oct
5 months ago

webtrickshome left a reply on Creating Laravel With Bootstrap

Where's the panel heading HTML code here? It should work fine. Can't help without seeing your master blade.

webtrickshome left a reply on 405 Error In Ajax Request In Laravel

What's the point on passing data in url while using post method? Simply pass all the parameters in json.

10 Sep
6 months ago

webtrickshome left a reply on Left Join Tables With One To Many Relationship

You can use db raw query in that case. Here are some examples.

$users = DB::table('users')->join('contacts', 'users.id', '=', 'contacts.user_id') ->join('orders', 'users.id', '=', 'orders.user_id') ->select('users.*', 'contacts.phone', 'orders.price')->get();

$users = DB::table('users')->leftJoin('posts', 'users.id', '=', 'posts.user_id')->get();

$users = DB::table('sizes')->crossJoin('colours')->get();

DB::table('users')->join('contacts', function ($join) { $join->on('users.id', '=', 'contacts.user_id')->orOn(...); })->get();

DB::table('users')->join('contacts', function ($join) { $join->on('users.id', '=', 'contacts.user_id') ->where('contacts.user_id', '>', 5);})->get();

Follow the link for more on project based tutorial on laravel framework.

webtrickshome left a reply on How To Access Public Path Image

public_path() will provide you with the path directory upto the public folder. You can then concatenate your filename as shown below. {{ public_path().'/imageslogo-1.png' }} Hope, this helps you.

webtrickshome left a reply on 500 Internal Server Error

Generally the internal server error is displayed when the server can't find out the exact error. The one I got when I tried to upload a project for the first time was due to the difference in php versions. Check the php version that your server is using. If it's less than 5.6 then internal server error is displayed.

From the control panel php version option, set it to 5.6 or higher and your problem will be resolved.

19 Aug
7 months ago

webtrickshome left a reply on Uploading A Photo Store() Error

Well, I've got a reference for this one. Basically, the important part would be to declare a file is being sent via form and to either check if the file is present in the form at the time of processing or declaring the columns default value is NULL. Here's the link Call to a member function getclientoriginal() which might help.

Everyone has his own way of writing codes, so some might find it helpful while it might be annoying for others.

30 Jul
7 months ago

webtrickshome left a reply on How Do You Deal With Project Structure, Naming, And Code Organizing?

It's all about making things convenient for yourself. Don't forget to add comments on your projects so that you won't forget the structure if you need to take a look back into it after a few years or if some other developers needed to review it. Personally, I create separate directories for views and resources for both frontend and backend files that makes it easier to work around.

webtrickshome left a reply on Adsense Ad Js Will Load After Complete Page Loaded .

< script > $(document).ready(function(){

}); < / script> This is the container to wrap up jquery commands. It prevents the jquery commands to operate before the webpage loads completely.

wrap up your adsense js code in document.ready funtion as shown below which prevents the data loading unless the page is loaded completely.

$(document).ready(function(){ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); });

webtrickshome left a reply on A User Can Listen Only Twice Mp3 File On My Web...How To Do That?

Count the mp3 file request by a user in session and disable it after reaching 2. You don't even need to modify your database if you want to control it in a session. If it's a lifetime count then you might need to work on your database.

webtrickshome left a reply on CKeditor 5: How To Upload Image

Here's the code that enables adding image in ckeditor enabled textarea.

CKEDITOR.replace('description',{ filebrowserBrowseUrl: "{{url('/public/ckfinder/ckfinder.html')}}", filebrowserImageBrowseUrl: "{{url('/public/ckfinder/ckfinder.html?type=Images')}}", filebrowserUploadUrl: '/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Files¤tFolder=/archive/', filebrowserImageUploadUrl: '/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Images¤tFolder=/cars/' }); Source: laravel image processing tutorial

webtrickshome left a reply on Change Color Element On Value Change

The only thing you are doing here is toggling two classes on change of an input value where is the rest of the code to interact with database? Use ajax to send data to the server.

webtrickshome left a reply on Send Data And Show It On Another Page

If you want to show the data in another view file, why are you using ajax? It's used to display outputs in the same view file without reloading the whole page. Use either get or post method to return view file. You can't return view with ajax but a json response only.

webtrickshome left a reply on Need To Learn How To Make Middleware Auth For Admin

Middleware can be used to allow only the authenticated users to access a given route. Laravel comes with an auth middleware that you need to attach to a route definition.

Route::get('profile', function () {


You can call the middleware method from the controller's constructor too instead of attaching it in the route definition directly.

public function __construct() { $this->middleware('auth'); } This is an excerpt from authentication process in laravel from webtrickshome or you can also create your own authentication controller as shown in this article How to create a custom login system in laravel?

webtrickshome left a reply on Why My Javascript Is Not Working After @section('content')

Just below your @yield('contents') add a line @yield('scripts') then in your other blade files where you need to add scripts use @section('scripts') ...... your scripts here @endsection you can also use @stop instead of @endsection that would be much convenient in my opinion.

Here's an excerpt from laravel frontend tutorial from webtrickshome where two sections are added in a blade. @extends('frontend.master')

@section('meta') {{$data->meta_title}} @stop



{!!$data->description!!} @stop
21 Jul
8 months ago

webtrickshome left a reply on String Value Showing With [" "] Characters

You need to replace pluck('value') with first() and that'll give you a single data. Here's an excerpt from the site webtrickshome from the page laravel query builder tutorial.

RETRIEVE SINGLE ROW / COLUMN FROM A TABLE The first() method will return a single StdClass object.

$user = DB::table('users')->where('name', '=', 'John')->first();
echo $user->name;

The value() method will return the value of the column directly.

$email = DB::table('users')->where('name', '=', 'John')->value('email');

webtrickshome left a reply on JavaScript Executing Problem In Laravel 5.6

Remove one of the link for app.js from your file and modify the script for alert as:

Here's a link for basic jquery tutorial in case you need it.

webtrickshome left a reply on Best Design Tool For Front-end

It's always better if you can code the frontend on your own with the use of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

webtrickshome left a reply on Model::create Not Allowing Me To Use Data From A Passed In Array

You are trying to store an entire array in a single field. You should use something like:

        'amount' => $info[0][0],
     'wechat' => $info[0][1],
     'message' => $info[0][2],
     'email' => $info[0][3],
     'sent' => 0,
     'date_recieved' => Carbon::now(),
     'date_sent' => 0
OR something like
        'amount' => $info[0]['amount'],     
Here's a basic tutorial on php arrays and their types along with the methods to print them in browser. Hope it helps.
20 Jul
8 months ago

webtrickshome left a reply on Upload File

Please state your problem properly.

webtrickshome left a reply on Search Posts In The Database | Integrity Constraint Violation: 1052 | Laravel 5.6

Ambiguous means not defined properly. Hence, define the table from where your field name location_id is being retrieved.

webtrickshome left a reply on Null Value Out Come In The Images Input Field In Laravel 5.6

First of all, define the field name as array i.e.

to allow multiple file uploads. Wrapyour form fields with form tag with attribute
Here's a tutorial on laravel file uploads which you can use as a guide.

webtrickshome left a reply on Execute MSSQL Stored Procedure On Laravel

Seems like you need to go through the Laravel Query Builder once again.

webtrickshome left a reply on How To Convert Sql Query Into Laravel Query Builder ?

You can run queries using the DB facade. The DB facade provides methods for each type of query: select, update, insert, delete and statement.

webtrickshome left a reply on Where Did I Go Wrong In Uploading File

Replace multipart/data to multipart/form-data first. It'd have been easier to provide solution had you revealed the error message. Here's a tutorial on laravel image upload which might help you though.

webtrickshome left a reply on (1/1) MethodNotAllowedHttpException

Basically such errors appear due to typo mistakes which work fine on localhost but not on web servers. Would you clarify what changes did you make in handler.php file because it's not the one you are supposed to modify in most of the cases. Here's a project based tutorial on laravel which might help you.

19 Jul
8 months ago

webtrickshome left a reply on How To Store Checkbox Values If Check Box Is In Foreach Loop (laravel)

You should use implode() function to store all those values from checkboxes with same field name while storing in the database and use explode() function to break it down again before displaying it in the view files. Here's an example on storing multiple values from checkbox in basic php from webtrickshome from where you can get the basic ideas on how to handle it.

webtrickshome left a reply on Database Problem

We need to define the database name in .env file and define the username and password for the database as well. The default username for database is root and password empty. Update your project's .env file located at the root of your project as shown below if you are working on localhost and you don't have a username and password set for your database. DB_CONNECTION=mysql DB_HOST= DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=your-database-name DB_USERNAME=root DB_PASSWORD= In case you have the username and password set for the database use DB_CONNECTION=mysql DB_HOST= DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=your-database-name DB_USERNAME=your-database-username DB_PASSWORD=your-database-password