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15 Apr
2 months ago

wallacebmann started a new conversation Full-Stack Vue.js 2 And Laravel 5 : Migrating Vuebnb

I've been working my way through the Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 course and have hit a few snags. I'm a newbie, so any time the course isn't typo-perfect, I get tripped up. So, I've been using this forum to record my learnings.

This post is relevant to chapter 5, section "Migrating Vuebnb", where you are updating resources/assets/js/data.js to remove the var statement and replace it with export default. The book shows the following:

export default { ... }

and the file before the replacement is

var sample = { ... }

The correct form of the new file is to replace "var sample" with "export default". What I did first was to wrap the entirety of the old form with the new, and that is bad. Probably completely obvious to a front end developer, but I'm flying blind.

In other words ... this is bad:

export default { var sample = { ... } }

This is good:

export default { ... (the same stuff that used to be inside the var sample) }

11 Apr
2 months ago

wallacebmann left a reply on Vendor/autoload.php Not Found

Excellent question!

In my case, even after I realized composer update was necessary, I had trouble finding out where to run it. I had been (more or less) blindly following the steps in the "Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5" course when it failed at the "php artisan --version" command with "Failed opening required "/home/vagrant/projects/vuebnb/vendor/autoload.php".

I didn't have php, composer or anything installed on my computer (macbook pro), so I had to execute "composer update" inside the vagrant shell, and I had to be in the ~/projects/vuebnb directory.

I know this doesn't add to the answer ... just putting in text so that future explorers might find this answer page easier.