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1 month ago
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Replied to Laravel Mix, Bootstrap Vue, Difference Between Production And Dev Builds

Further research shows that this was a known bug in the terser-webpack-plugin that was fixed over a year ago.

The terser-webpack-plugin is now at version 2.1.3. However, laravel, probably through laravel-mix is pulling in version 1.4.1.

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Laravel Mix, Bootstrap Vue, Difference Between Production And Dev Builds

I have a Vue application in Laravel using Mix to build.

My javascript includes a

import BootstrapVue from 'bootstrap-vue';


My webpack.mix.js is minimally modified.

The application uses a b-dropdown with b-dropdown-items.

The drop down works correctly in all IE 11 and Microsoft Edge when I create the dev build (npm run dev). However, when I create a production build (npm run prod), Edge fails with a TypeError: Invalid Calling Object when a user clicks the drop down.

This doesn't happen in Firefox or Chrome. The internet suggests that it might have to do with use strict somewhere in Bootstrap Vue.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Mix, Npm Run Hot, Browser Crash: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot Read Property 'call' Of Undefined

This is Laravel Framework 6.0.3, npm version 6.9.0, Fedora 29, webpack [email protected]

Following the Laravel Mix documentation I added

        hmrOptions: {
            host: 'xxx.yyy',
            port: 3000,

to webpack.mix.js, otherwise no changes.

This happens with the example route using welcome.blade.php as well as my own blade templates. I am running a Laravel website pointing app.js and app.cs at port 3000 where I am running npm run hot.

When running in Chrome (Version 78.0.3890.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)) with the developer tools open, Chrome stops with the following error:

app.js:727 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined
    at __webpack_require__ (app.js:727)
    at fn (app.js:101)
    at eval (app.scss?e8be:1)
    at Object../node_modules/extract-text-webpack-plugin/dist/loader.js?!./node_modules/style-loader/index.js!./node_modules/css-loader/index.js?!./node_modules/postcss-loader/src/index.js?!./node_modules/resolve-url-loader/index.js?!./node_modules/sass-loader/dist/cjs.js?!./resources/sass/app.scss (app.js:1164)
    at __webpack_require__ (app.js:727)
    at fn (app.js:101)
    at eval (app.scss?11e7:2)
    at Object../resources/sass/app.scss (app.js:1737)
    at __webpack_require__ (app.js:727)
    at fn (app.js:101)

When I set a break point at the offending line (checking for undefined modules[moduleId]:

/******/        modules[moduleId].call(module.exports, module, module.exports, hotCreateRequire(moduleId));

I see that the offending moduleId is ./node_modules/css-loader/lib/css-base.js. That file is definitely present in node_modules.

The example component is loaded and changes to ExampleComponent.vue are reflected in the browser immediately so it is not clear if this crash affects the web page in any way.

There are a few hits to possibly related github issues, mostly in webpack itself, mentioning the error message in various contexts, but I can't see a clear solution for my setup. It seems to possibly be an intermittent problem for some people.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Does the crash have any implications for the web page?


2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Why Does Laravel Prepend Schema And Domain To All URLs?

As far as I know, browsers always supply the scheme and domain to URLs that don't have these. E.g. if my browser is pointed at https://somedomain.com and the browser encounters the URL /assests/app.js, it will send the request to https://somedomain.com/assets/app.js.

I know that Laravel now has configuration to make sure that a site works behind a load balancer, but wouldn't be easier if generated URLs simply didn't have include the scheme and domain?