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17th April, 2018

votemike left a reply on GDPR Package • 6 months ago

I see, maybe a single package isn't appropriate. What about a package to zip up user information automatically. Are there any packages that can remove metadata (such as authors or GPS co-ordinates) from upload photos?

16th April, 2018

votemike started a new conversation GDPR Package • 6 months ago

Does anyone know of any packages that deal with the upcoming GDPR regulations? Or would it be worth updating core Laravel to deal with these regulations (as the regulations apply to any business done in or with the EU). I would imagine this would include things such as a checkbox when registering to agree to terms & conditions. Also some in-built way for a user to delete their account (right to be forgotten) and to anonymise any data linked to the user (such as an order linked to a user).

6th February, 2018

votemike left a reply on Route Model Binding Key Name • 8 months ago

Is that not a bit odd. Seeing it's not an Item in the route, it's a slug. In the same was that if I was loading it via an id, I would want to define item/{item_id} rather than item/{item}. Or is that not possible?

votemike started a new conversation Route Model Binding Key Name • 8 months ago

I am trying to use a slug to load an item. My route is:

Route::get('item/{slug}', '[email protected]')->name('foo');

My show method is:

public function show(Item $item)

And my Item has the method:

public function getRouteKeyName(): string
    return 'slug';

However I just get an empty Item in the show() method. Have I missed something?

I've worked out that I can instead to call the variable $slug instead of $item, but that seems odd.

27th March, 2016

votemike started a new conversation WYSIWIG/Markdown Editor • 2 years ago

I am writing my own blog system. I would like to have some very simple formatting ( blocks, header tags, paragraphs etc...). I could just write the HTML when I create the blog posts, but I would prefer some sort of editor. Could I get some opinions on whether I should use a markdown editor or a WYSIWIG editor? And any suggestions for the simplest one to both use and implement.

I have looked at some WYSIWIG editors such as TinyMCE, but I think that has too many options out-of-the-box. I would prefer the simplest possible. (I'm aware I can turn various features off, but there's no need for them in the first place).



19th July, 2015

votemike left a reply on Laravel 5.1 And Travis CI • 3 years ago

I had previously tried this solution:

But then I tried again with a 32 character string and it worked.

votemike started a new conversation Laravel 5.1 And Travis CI • 3 years ago

I'm trying to get a Laravel 5.1 install working with Travis CI. However, travis keeps giving me the following error:

A request to [http://localhost] failed. Received status code [500].

Caused by
exception 'RuntimeException' with message 'No supported encrypter found. The cipher and / or key length are invalid.' in /home/travis/build/votemike/palette/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php:6632

Full error here:

In my tests, I am testing going to the homepage route and checking that a form is there. I have tried setting the APP_KEY via the .travis.yml file and also running the generate key command, but neither of those work.

Any ideas?



12th February, 2015

votemike left a reply on Laracasts Commander With Artisan Commands • 3 years ago

@thepsion5's answer works. However I had to adjust it a bit.

The code I wanted to execute this code:

$this->execute(Foo::class($attributes, [Bar::class, Baz::class]));

I had to change this to:

$this->bus()->execute(new Foo($attributes['a'], $attributes['b'], $attributes['c']));

An update @thepsion5's bus() function to this:

protected function bus() 
    $bus = App::make('Laracasts\Commander\CommandBus');

    return $bus;

And then you don't need to USE any of the commander traits or anything

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