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16th May, 2018

tushar09 started a new conversation Get Count In Joining Multiple Table • 3 months ago

I have 3 tables named user, group and user_has_group. I am joining these tables using eloquent. Everything is working just fine, but I need something more. I need to figure it out that which group has how many users. Here the I code I have used:

$result = UserHasGroup ::join('group', 'user_has_group.group_id', '=', 'group.id') ->join('user', 'group.created_by', '=', 'user.id') ->where('user_has_group.user_id', '=', $user -> id) ->select("user.name as created_by", 'group.created_at', 'user_has_group.user_id', 'group.name as group_name') ->getQuery() ->get();

and here's the response: { "successful": [ { "created_by": "TUSHAR13", "created_at": "2018-05-11 18:04:38", "user_id": "5", "group_name": "DSGJA" }, { "created_by": "TUSHAR13", "created_at": "2018-05-11 18:10:17", "user_id": "5", "group_name": "V76OL" }, { "created_by": "TUSHAR13", "created_at": "2018-05-10 00:00:00", "user_id": "5", "group_name": "qwerr" } ] }

Now I can't understand where to add groupby and count query. I need help.

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