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02 Oct
9 months ago

turkalicious left a reply on Installing Laravel Dusk - Failed To Connect On Localhost Port 9515: Connection Refused

Finally got the courage to start the adam wathan courses but I am getting this error from first test video. None of the suggestions here solved it. Fresh laravel install on fresh homestead. Installed all the chrome install suggestions and added no-sandbox to no avail.

22 Nov
1 year ago

turkalicious started a new conversation Electron Axios Post To Oauth/token CORS Problem

Hello all,

I've came across many topics about CORS issues here. I've been very hesitant to open another one myself but it has been hours and I still have not figured out a way. Desperate times...

axios.post(LOGIN_URL, creds, { headers: { 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*' } })
      .then((response) => {
        localStorage.setItem('id_token', response.data.id_token);
        localStorage.setItem('access_token', response.data.access_token);

        this.user.authenticated = true;

        // Redirect to a specified route
        if (redirect) {
      }).catch((err) => {
        context.error = err;

is my post request and my credentials that I sent to are below

methods: {
      submit() {
        if (this.$refs.form.validate()) {
          const credentials = new FormData();
          credentials.append('username', this.username);
          credentials.append('password', this.password);
          credentials.append('grant_type', 'password');
          credentials.append('client_id', '5');
          credentials.append('client_secret', 'hvthW9MsfNnDSBqmVlBsb4oTwukPpli0puMZ4QH4');
          credentials.append('scope', ''); 
          auth.login(this, credentials, 'home-view');
      clear() {

Below is the full error in chrome console. I guess postman is not bound by CORS because I get my tokens from that

XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://newods.app/oauth/token. Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://localhost:9080' is therefore not allowed access.

I greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!

turkalicious left a reply on Customizing API Authentication Level

@bobbybouwmann thats awesome. Thanks for sharing. I think I am going to have some sort of "login gate" function that sits up front, does the check based on their auth method (user db vs ldap) and sends it to whichever login function for those

21 Nov
1 year ago

turkalicious started a new conversation Customizing API Authentication Level

Hello all,

I am moving our existing app from codeigniter to laravel api. In my electron app, I have username and password fields. I am able to post to my oauth login and get password grant tokens from my api using those fields (not email).

Some of my existing clients have LDAP as their login system. Currently, when they enter their username and password, our system binds to their LDAP server and validates against those values. How should I go about writing this functionality to my api?

I am new to this and I just want to have my electron app submit to my login on the server with username and password. Server needs to handle LDAP binding when necessary or just validate against my own users table. Should I use JWT instead?

31 Oct
2 years ago

turkalicious started a new conversation Fresh Install Homestead Multiple Issues

Man I love Laravel but holy crap am I gonna donate my wealth to a charity the day I can get a fresh install of Homestead to just work.

I trieed vagrant ssh and it gave me ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host so I thought oh well I probably have some local stuff mixed up. I logged in via virtualbox because I wanted to start something quick instead of spending more time debugging a fresh install. I logged in vagrant/vagrant changed the root password, switched to root and ran the ubuntu update command.

First ever command that I ran apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

Same thing I run at home and I got

/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: Invalid ELF header

23 Dec
3 years ago

turkalicious left a reply on Is It Me, Or Is Web Development A Pain In The Butt?

I'd be burnt out too after 10 years. Take a break and see if you miss it or not.

01 Dec
3 years ago

turkalicious started a new conversation Interactions With Encrypted MySQL Database

We recently had to encrypt our data such as name, last name, dob etc using AES. We have a place in our software where a user can search by those attributes. While doing an exact match on the user input to the data works okay, we are not sure how to go with the queries that use LIKE . I would love to see just from ground up on the latest version of Laravel, a proper way of creating and interacting with an encrypted database. Encryption is becoming a must if it has not already so I think a lot of people will benefit from it.

13 Nov
3 years ago

turkalicious started a new conversation Updating All Form Text Fields At Once

Hello all.

I am new to Vue and what I am trying to do is this. I am trying to have lets say 3 number input fields. That is the entire page, all right in the middle. It is a measure converter between KM, CM, MM and I want the user to be able to enter a number in any of them and the rest should populate automatically. If user enters in KMs, CM and MM should populate ... so and so fort.

I thought they would all be computed property but I could not make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am just trying to learn by practice. Thx

18 Apr
4 years ago

turkalicious left a reply on Practical Uses For Lumen?

I may be wrong but I think lumen is meant for simple REST apis or such things. There is a benchmark video of how many requests it can handle - which is quite a lot. Here are some examples I found to be quite good. Check out the first two posts.


16 Apr
4 years ago

turkalicious left a reply on Add Guzzle To Lumen

@martinbean Ah ... thank you !

turkalicious left a reply on Laravel Excel Installation Issue

Have you done

composer dump-autload

turkalicious left a reply on Lumen - $request Not Found

Thank you all for the replies. I did what @deringer suggested and it worked. If anyone else having the same issue, it might help to know that the injection of the $request should be the first parameter to your method. That was my second problem.

turkalicious left a reply on Add Guzzle To Lumen

My instantiation of the class was wrong. After calling

use GuzzleHttp\Client;

which did not error alone. After that I had the following

$client = new GuzzleHttp\Client();

as it is in the guzzle docs. I took out the GuzzleHttp part of the instantiation statement and it worked.

@bashy If you are not gonna help, why even bother ? Do you really that in need of an attention ? Here is a bag of attention for you buddy ... Enjoy

15 Apr
4 years ago

turkalicious started a new conversation Lumen - $request Not Found

Route file

$app->get('/api/{zipCode}', [ 'uses' => 'App\Http\Controllers\ApiController@displayInfo' ] );

and the function response

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
// more stuff in between
// function return
 return response()->json(['name' => 'Abigail', 'state' => 'CA'])

Return sits in my function and I've set it up just to experiment. Lumen set up is running on homestead with no problems - apart from the current issue haha.

I have another app running on my homestead host machine that is a MEAN stack. I am using angular's http.jsonp to get the response from my lumen app. When I visit an example url on my lumen it returns the following

Undefined variable: request

turkalicious left a reply on Add Guzzle To Lumen

Got it working. Please close the thread.

turkalicious left a reply on Add Guzzle To Lumen

I thought the use statement in the controller would do that.

turkalicious left a reply on Add Guzzle To Lumen

 Fatal error: Class 'App\Http\Controllers\GuzzleHttp\Client' not found in

turkalicious started a new conversation Add Guzzle To Lumen

I am trying to get guzzle work with lumen. I added guzzle through composer. composer.json

        "psr-4": {
            "App\\": "app/",
            "GuzzleHttp\\": "/vendor/guzzlehttp/"

and my controller

```<?php namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use GuzzleHttp\Client;
class ApiController extends Controller {```

when I try to instantiate a new guzzle, it fails. What am I doing wrong ? 
05 Apr
4 years ago

turkalicious started a new conversation PDF From Remote Url To JSON

Hello all

I am trying to accomplish the following.

Go to a certain url which always displays an embedded document with type="application/pdf" attribute. I want to take that pdf from that url and convert it to Json on my laravel installation. I want to then return the json result as a reply to the request origin to my server.

Is that possible ? Are there any other / better ways to do this ?

Thank you

16 Sep
4 years ago

turkalicious left a reply on Download The Whole Serie

After going into each episode in a given serie and downloading each episode, what is stopping me from uploading those to somewhere as a whole serie if I wanted to? I am already able to download every single episode here.

Some are grouped together and instead of clicking multiple times to download individually, I just want to click once because I am lazy. Thats all.

But I get the bandwidth charges and I won't download because I want this site to stick around...

turkalicious started a new conversation Download The Whole Serie

Hello you awesome people.

If I am not mistaking, the only way to download a video here is within the video's page itself. I am currently moving and do not have internet at my new place yet. I was at work and decided to download the regular expression videos and thought wish I had a button to download everything at once. May be next to the "Watch Later" icon under the serie name.

21 Aug
4 years ago

turkalicious started a new conversation Bootstrap Sass

Hello guys

I have set up gulp to read sass files. What is a good way to customize bootstrap? I understand that it is modularized and I would like to overwrite some of those to make my own theme.

Within the bootstrap/stylesheets folder, I have made my own main.scss right next to the bootstrap.scss file and gulp is watching it. For example, how can I edit the menu background within my own main.scss ?