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27th August, 2018

total21 left a reply on How To Improve The Learning Process And The "environment" Of Laravel / PHP • 1 month ago

All this and (kind of) can sort by Difficulty and maybe Popularity:

Thanks a lot for the info, as this obviously helps.

26th August, 2018

total21 left a reply on How To Improve The Learning Process And The "environment" Of Laravel / PHP • 1 month ago

I have one screen (good size), Windows 10, phpStorm, phpMyAdmin. From some other source the thinking could be: Mac, phpStorm, sequelPro (lets say; there is this Heidi program for Windows, but I've never had it installed), 2 screens, a laptop (maybe, my addition). The thinking is to watch the Laracasts and write along with what the instructor presnets (like muscle memory / "motor learning" - term from Wiki, this is what I would do?). I mean, there must be these things I dont see, think about, dont understand. Trying to figure out max amount of these "edu bugs" that I may have (I was in a whole worse place like 2 months ago, somebody "changed my path"; it was more like getting burned out with procedural exercises from and examples of this on and now I am more in the directon of OOP->MVC->Laravel <from laracast first, then docs>). I've figured out the procedural more or less too (not really but getting there). Just want to make sure I do it more or less right as I cant afford to be wasting time.

total21 started a new conversation How To Improve The Learning Process And The "environment" Of Laravel / PHP • 1 month ago

I've been studying the php for 12 months so far, and I am starting with Laravel now (as I've kind of figured out the procedural php, but not fully yet, getting there). I use phpStorm and phpMyAdmin. I am on,,,, and I will be working on making a list of all the php places on the Net (like community); I know that is also one such place. I am wondering what I can improve (as an example I have just one monitor with my home pc and no tablet/laptop). As an example people say watch the Laracast and write code along with what the person there says. I've seen people having two screens one to another (either vertically or horizontally) and also even a laptop as the third "pc". I could watch it on one screen, code on the laptop or on the screen on the other side (right or left) and this could help in the learning I think. I mean what other things and aspects can I think about and improve as related to all of this? There may be things that I dont see or dont understand (as I am new to this, and also this is my first programming language). What to think about here? Thanks.

10th August, 2018

total21 started a new conversation Best Way Of Learning From Video Tutorials • 2 months ago

I've been learning php programming for over 12 months and I am not used to video tutorials. I kind of lose focus and it seems like I am may not be fully benefiting from them. Should I watch each video several times, or maybe certain parts, or maybe take notes, or maybe some other things. Does it take getting used to it, or how does it work for you. What can I do in order to be good at learning from the video tuts (here, YouTube, other sources; all).

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