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11 Sep
5 days ago

thomas_inckx left a reply on How To Test Laravel Nova Api Route Policies | TDD

Hi, I find this repo/nova testing guide very helpful:

You could setUp() your test with $this->user->assignRole('the_role_you_want_to_test'); and then go on testing your resources and policies.

(I stumbled upon this issue because I myself am stuck with a 404 response testing the nova api routes)

08 Mar
1 year ago

thomas_inckx left a reply on Laravel Request $request->file() Is Always Blank

In case this could help someone: I injected the wrong dependency in the controller. Should have been Illuminate\Http\Request in my case.

16 Jan
1 year ago

thomas_inckx left a reply on Class 'Pusher' Not Found

And if you'd still got the same error, like me, then add

'Pusher'    =>  Pusher\Pusher::class

to the 'aliases' array in your config/app.

(Source: )

12 Aug
2 years ago

thomas_inckx left a reply on Date Accessor Vs. Protected $dates (L5.2)

That's interesting. Thanks!

thomas_inckx left a reply on Date Accessor Vs. Protected $dates (L5.2)

Thanks for your reply, Paschal. I do think however that you might misunderstand me. What your describing, is the same in my case, obviously.

getCreatedAtAttribute() is overriding the conversion to a Carbon object. While I assumed that it would get called after the conversion.

Anyway, like I said, I managed to make things work without the $dates array.

thomas_inckx left a reply on Date Accessor Vs. Protected $dates (L5.2)

Laravel indeed converts the date to a Carbon object in case of the $dates array, but it isn't formatted like I want, and that's my point. But if you define an accessor, it gets called before the conversion.

thomas_inckx started a new conversation Date Accessor Vs. Protected $dates (L5.2)

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out the best way to manage (get & set) dates in my app. The protected $dates array is a great tool. It automatically converts a date string to a Carbon object, and it makes storing the dates easy and uniform (I use mutators).

protected $dates = ['birth_date'];

I can now echo a date in my view like this:

{{ $user->birth_date->format(config('view.date_format')) }}

That's ok, but kinda redundant. It means I have to do this in every view, for every date attribute (I have a lot of 'em). So I was checking out the accessors. I assumed I could simply create an accessor:

public function getBirthDateAttribute($date) {
    return $date->format(config('view.date_format'));

and then in my view:

{{ $user->birth_date }}

and get a nicely formatted date. But this isn't working. The $date is still a simple string at this moment. It seems that it's only converted to a Carbon object after the accessor is called. My conclusion is that the accessors don't make sense in combination with the $dates array and I'll have to format each Carbon object manually in my views.

Am I right?

EDIT: as it turns out, in my case, I don't need the $dates array. I seems that I just need to define an accessor and a mutator:

public function getBirthDateAttribute( $date )
    $date = Carbon::createFromFormat(config('view.def_date_format'), $date);

    return $date->format(config('view.date_format'));

public function setBirthDateAttribute( $date )
    $this->attributes['birth_date'] = Carbon::createFromFormat( config( 'view.date_format' ),       
    $date );

, and everything works as it should. Don't hesitate to share your view though, if you see it differently.