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02 Sep
2 weeks ago

taylormaguire left a reply on CPanel VPS Or RunCloud + Vultr + CPanel Shared Hosting

I would suggest you use Laravel Forge for Laravel applications and ditch cPanel altogether. You will increase your performance as the admin panel is separate from your server. It will optimize your servers for Laravel hosting.

then just use cPanel for other stuff you may use, such as wordpress sites, etc.

28 Nov
9 months ago

taylormaguire left a reply on Delete() And Detach() On Model Relationship

@STAUDENMEIR - Hey @staudenmeir thats a great question. In this instance in my VUE file i'm just sending the Email ID to the Contact Controller, mostly just a quick test i was running. in this case it's not my problem, just lazy testing on my part lol.

the code works properly with just detach() or just delete() but not combined. seen other people with the same issue, but have seen conflicting details as to wether it should work or not.

taylormaguire started a new conversation Delete() And Detach() On Model Relationship

I have a Contacts table and an Emails table with a belongsToMany relationship setup and a pivot table in place.

I am trying to find a way to remove an email address and it's applicable pivot table data from the database using Eloquent. I know how to do the manual DB:: SQL query already.

My current controller function works with one or the other but not both. For Example this is what i'm trying to do:

    public function destroy(Contact $contact)
        $contact = Contact::find($contact->id);

but it will only run the first "detach()" and will not run the "delete()" afterwards. i can reverse these and then the delete() works and not the detach().

i've seen plenty of examples on this forum and online where people recommend exactly what i'm doing but i've also seen other say its not possible but it's not clear as to why.

Other than writing the manual SQL query the only other way i could think of was to remove the rogue entries after the fact on some kind of schedule.

any insight would be great.

I'm running Laravel 5.7.14

19 Nov
9 months ago

taylormaguire left a reply on Why Does Laracasts.com Use JQuery Over VueJS

If you watch any of the newer videos on laracasts, you'll see that a lot of the site is done in VueJS. He may use a few jquery items but i believe the majority is actually Vue

17 Nov
9 months ago

taylormaguire left a reply on Installation Best Practice

I agree with @irsyadadl .... If you are using a Mac i highly recommend using Laravel Valet. Also i suggest you watch this series on setting up your Mac development environment. Will change your life.


15 Nov
10 months ago

taylormaguire left a reply on Challonge API In Laravel

laravel will work with any API fine. you just need to use guzzle to make the api calls to challonge-php. http://docs.guzzlephp.org/en/stable/

taylormaguire left a reply on How To Reset Dropdown In Vue.js

few ways to do this but you can create a method for the clear button to reset the value or you can do something like this. Use a v-for loop and pull options from data()

<div id="app">
  <select v-model="selected">
    <option :value="undefined">Choose Option</option>
    <option v-for="option in options" :value="option">{{option}}</option>
  <button @click="selected = undefined">Clear</button>
new Vue({
        return {
                options:['Option 1','Option 2','Option 3'],
13 Nov
10 months ago

taylormaguire left a reply on Laravel Rest Api With Vue Js Spa

Lumen was built for this purpose, however i heard Taylor Otwell say that with upcoming advancements in PHP 7.4 Laravel might be just as fast as Lumen is and there might not be a need.

I also saw a Laracon 2018 talk where they discussed pro's and cons of Laravel vs Lumen, sounds like Laravel is way to go long-term.

taylormaguire left a reply on 1048 Column 'post1' Cannot Be Null In Laravel

post1 column is empty it looks like and needs to be set to Nullable in your database if you want to insert no value in that column . if you're using laravel migrations to create the database structure then do add ->nullable(); to the end of your field, for example:


or use your database admin tool to change the column to accept Null values.

you may also have an issue in your code where you are not passing a value through to post1... maybe a typo somewhere?

taylormaguire left a reply on Vue Scoped Styles In Spark Inline-template

I don't think it's possible and i've tested it. I think you need to use v-bind:style or v:bind:class for inline-templates


taylormaguire left a reply on Challonge API In Laravel

I'm not totally sure what you're asking, there isn't really a question here, however to make API calls from Laravel to an outside API, i would recommend you use Guzzle package. and If you're using VUE or ReactJS as your frontends you could use AXIOS packages to make those calls.

If you're new to Laravel i suggest you watch the Laravel 5.7 series on Laracasts site, and then maybe dive into Guzzle a bit afterwards.

taylormaguire left a reply on Looking For Best Way To Setup A VPS Server

Most VPS providers like AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean are not going to provide you email capabilities out of the box. The best case scenario for you is to manage Laravel and Email hosting separately.

The easiest way to manage email hosting accounts would be to use WHM/cPanel for this. Lots of cPanel / shared hosting providers will include cpanel licensing in their monthly fees however you can license from cPanel directly as well for a nominal monthly fee.

Laravel Forge is a fantastic tool to manage Laravel and WordPress installations, this will include free SSL certificates through LetsEncrypt same as cPanel does.

I would NOT recommend you run Laravel on a cPanel server, The best Laravel server admin panels i've used are Forge, and ServerPilot, or plain old Ubuntu with LAMP stack.

I recently moved to Laravel Forge for my admin panel and it has been an absolute delight. I currently have servers on DigitalOcean and AWS, but i prefer DigitalOcean.

I highly recommend you use Office 365, GSuite, or some cPanel shared hosting for email.

08 Nov
10 months ago

taylormaguire left a reply on Please Bring Back The Older Laracasts Design

Love the new layout. way more functional, nice clean look. some good things about the old site too but change is good people!

06 Oct
11 months ago

taylormaguire left a reply on When I Press The Buy Button I Get This Error

comment out your store function and try this

public function store(Request $request, $id) {

you should get


if the die/dump gives you move, copy all the data, click all the arrows so they point down and then send a screenshot of that over

taylormaguire left a reply on When I Press The Buy Button I Get This Error

can i see the route in the web.php file

taylormaguire left a reply on When I Press The Buy Button I Get This Error

what happens when you die/dump at the top of the "store" function with this below


this should give you


if it isn't then use chrome dev tools Network tab to see if the form data is passing through or not

taylormaguire left a reply on When I Press The Buy Button I Get This Error

try changing $order->qty = $request->get('qty'); to $order->qty = $request->input('qty');

as per documentation https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/requests