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Level 1
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1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Access Variable Across Multiple View

I am loading a view and later returning it as a JSON to the frontend, and loading that data directly into the view. This looks like:


	foreach($grouped as $gk => $data){
            $body = \View::make('admin.floor-stack._table')
		$body_str =  $body_str .$body
	return response()->json([
		'body'	=> 	$body_str 


//after other calculations
$val = xxx



As you can see, each _table view will possess $val and my requirement is that I need to sum these $val from all _table that loaded in that foreach loop.

2 months ago
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Replied to Import CSV File, Remove Empty Rows And Export It Immediately Without Storing It Into Database - Laravel Excel

@bobbybouwmann any other hacks or suggestions to make this workout. I am open to the suggestion of some other package as well.

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Replied to Import CSV File, Remove Empty Rows And Export It Immediately Without Storing It Into Database - Laravel Excel

@bobbybouwmann I have done as you mentioned. However, still the same issue.

Also, my main issue is not about filtering. As even with my old method it is filtering empty rows. However, it is not forcing to download.

So far, my guess is that on the documentation it has mentioned that the array function of Import class would never return anything. Could that be the reason for not downloading CSV file?

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Import CSV File, Remove Empty Rows And Export It Immediately Without Storing It Into Database - Laravel Excel

I am trying to remove all the empty rows from a csv and make it downloadable. In this process, there is no involvement of database/model.

My flow looks like:

  1. Import csv file.
  2. Filter empty rows.
  3. Export the data after all the empty rows are removed.

My code looks like:


    public function formatCSV()
        $path = storage_path('app/files/') . 'example.csv';
        Excel::import(new FormatCSV, $path);



namespace App\Imports;

use App\Exports\ExportFormattedCSV;
use App\Http\Services\AmenityService;
use Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\ToArray;
use Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithChunkReading;
use Excel;

class FormatCSV implements ToArray, WithChunkReading
    private $table,$service,$model;
    public function __construct()
        $this->service = new AmenityService();
    public function array(Array $rows)
    {   $rec_arr = array();
        foreach ($rows as $row)
            $rec_arr[] = array_values($row);
        $records_arr = $this->service->trimArray($rec_arr);

        $export = new ExportFormattedCSV($records_arr);
        return Excel::download($export, 'csv.csv');

    public function chunkSize(): int
        return 10;




namespace App\Exports;

use Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\FromArray;

class ExportFormattedCSV implements FromArray
    protected $data;

    public function __construct(array $data)
        $this->data = $data;
    public function array(): array
        return $this->data;


With this code it does nothing, shows blank at the end.

However, if I uncomment the line print_r($export)

It shows data as:

App\Exports\ExportFormattedCSV Object
    [data:protected] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [0] => First Name
                    [1] => Last Name
                    [2] =>  Roll No

            [1] => Array
                    [0] => Ram
                    [1] => Patel
                    [2] => 1

            [2] => Array
                    [0] => Rajuv
                    [1] => Roy
                    [2] => 2

            [3] => Array
                    [0] => Sunny
                    [1] => Deol
                    [2] => 5

            [4] => Array
                    [0] => Akshya
                    [1] => Kumar
                    [2] => 6

            [5] => Array
                    [0] => Amir Khan
                    [1] => 7
                    [2] => 

            [6] => Array
                    [0] => Salman
                    [1] => Khan
                    [2] => 9

            [7] => Array
                    [0] => Bobby
                    [1] => Deol
                    [2] => 10



The File I am testing is example.csv

First Name,Last Name, Roll No
Amir Khan,7

And trimArray function :

    public function trimArray($arr)
        $final = array();

        foreach($arr as $k => $v)
            if(array_filter($v)) {
                $final[] = $v;

        return $final;

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Laravel Got Stuck After Login. Laravel 5.8

I have done following:

Go to Login Page: amenity.local/login (or if I enter amenity.local it will redirect me to amenity.local/login) and after hitting enter the fav-icon shows loading forever and it got stuck there no results, no error, no timeout, nothing.

However, I could login with following cases:

  1. If I am already logged in and if I logged out. This will opens amenity.local/login page. Again, this time I could logged in easily without any hassle.

  2. If I am already logged in and then if I tried to access amenity.local/login then it will redirect to amenity.local/admin/property directly without showing login page.

But, As I have already mentioned, if I enter amenity.local/login in new page and enter credentials, then it stuck there forever. However, if I hit F5 (refresh) the page then it loads amenity.local/admin/property.

Login Controller

class LoginController extends Controller
    | Login Controller
    | This controller handles authenticating users for the application and
    | redirecting them to your home screen. The controller uses a trait
    | to conveniently provide its functionality to your applications.

    use AuthenticatesUsers;

     * Where to redirect users after login.
     * @var string
    protected $redirectTo = '/admin/property';

     * Create a new controller instance.
     * @return void
    public function __construct()



class RedirectIfAuthenticated
     * Handle an incoming request.
     * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
     * @param  \Closure  $next
     * @param  string|null  $guard
     * @return mixed
    public function handle($request, Closure $next, $guard = null)
        if (Auth::guard($guard)->check()) {
            return redirect('/admin/property');
        return $next($request);


Auth::routes(['verify' => true]);

Route::get('/', function () {
    return redirect()->route('property.index');

Route::group(['middleware' => ['auth','verified']], function() {
    Route::group(['prefix' => 'admin', 'namespace' => 'Admin'], function () {


| GET|HEAD | /  			 |   			  | Closure | web  
| GET|HEAD | admin/property  | property.index | App\Http\Controllers\Admin\[email protected] |verified   
| POST     | login 			 | 				  |App\Http\Controllers\Auth\[email protected] | web,guest