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13th January, 2018

spatel left a reply on Scheduling System In Laravel • 8 months ago

I have worked on setting up the queue jobs using database driver and I have followed this tutorial

spatel left a reply on Supervisor Doesn't Work • 8 months ago

If you do not know how to setup laravel supervisor correctly please go through this article it will help you with your problems

spatel left a reply on Supervisor And Schedule:run • 8 months ago

Laravel queues and schedules are two different things if you want to learn about queues here is the good article for you

13th December, 2017

spatel left a reply on Socialite: How To Do A Long Living? • 9 months ago

this could be the settings in laravel check the config file and set the time according to your need

spatel left a reply on Uploading Images • 9 months ago

If you have lots of images to store try s3 bucket and use cloudefare cache to load them faster using their edge servers.

To upload images or any other assets you can checkout the tutorial link below:

11th December, 2017

spatel left a reply on Working With Caching In Laravel 5 • 9 months ago

You are totally doing it wrong it should just be

return Cache::remember('test', 1, function () {
            return App\Post::all();

spatel left a reply on Stripe Docs On • 9 months ago

If Laravel Cashier does not work out for you try following link it will save your time

spatel left a reply on Which Laravel Admin Panel Should I Use? • 9 months ago

Try this one:

I will be creating an admin panel like this to open source soon

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