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10 Jul
4 years ago

sandeepseshadri left a reply on My Phpunit Tests Returns Risky_tests

i saw the link in the manually, finally found that the issue was this line of code


its a different story why that line of code exists in my method.

sandeepseshadri started a new conversation My Phpunit Tests Returns Risy_tests

When i run my test i get the following risky nessage

{code} PHPUnit 4.7.5 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.


Time: 1.48 seconds, Memory: 16.25Mb

OK, but incomplete, skipped, or risky tests! Tests: 21, Assertions: 19, Risky: 1. {code}

The unit test for wihch i am getting the error

{code} public function testFetchReportSuccess() { $content = 'Response = code'; $expected = 'code';


    $this->target->shouldReceive( 'fetch' )->once()->passthru();
    $response = $this->target->fetch(9054);
    $this->assertContains( $response, $expected);



i am able to pinpoint my error to the $content variable if i escape the > in the string i dont get the error.

does anyone know why i am getting this error.

03 Jun
4 years ago

sandeepseshadri left a reply on Collection::jsonSerialize() Fails On Carbon Date Made From Postgresql Timestamp

i had similar issue with mssql database, you are correct about it being an issue with dates. You need to look at accesors and mutators to resolve this

10 Feb
4 years ago

sandeepseshadri started a new conversation Why Are Static Methods Considered Bad?

i have heard jeffery way and lots of articles say that static calls are bad and they affect the performance. But what i would like to understand is what is happening behind the scenes? What does the programming language do differently for static methods that it affects performance ? And if there are other reasons for it as well

sandeepseshadri left a reply on Extending PasswordBroker

i found my issue i was passing app['redirect'] instead of mailer

09 Feb
4 years ago

sandeepseshadri started a new conversation Extending PasswordBroker

I am trying to extednd password broker but i am hitting roadbloack which i dont understand how to resolve

I extended the reminderserviceprovider to use my custom password broker. which in turn extends the passwordbroker from larvel auth. But for some reason i keep running to error with type of instance Error

Argument 3 passed to Tandf\Providers\Reminders\PasswordBroker::__construct() must be an instance of Illuminate\Mail\Mailer, instance of Illuminate\Routing\Redirector given, called in /var/www/resource_center/app/Tandf/Providers/Reminders/ReminderServiceProvider.php on line 28 and defined


class PasswordBroker extends \Illuminate\Auth\Reminders\PasswordBroker {

public function __construct(\Illuminate\Auth\Reminders\DatabaseReminderRepository  $reminders,
    \Illuminate\Auth\EloquentUserProvider $users,
    Mailer $mailer,


Service provider call return new PasswordBroker(

                $reminders, $users, $app['redirect'], $app['mailer'], $view


i received the same error for the first 2 parameters as well that is why modified it to match what is being recieved.

Any help in understanding the problem will be very my appreciated.

sandeepseshadri started a new conversation Extending This->mailer->send

I am moving all my send emails to using queues instead of using mailer. I added support for activemq and have it working correctly. Now i noticed that my password reminder is sending emails instead of adding it to the queue. Instead of trying to come up with my own logic i thought i will extend this->mailer->send i wanted to get an second opinion on how else i could go about doing this.

05 Feb
4 years ago

sandeepseshadri started a new conversation Support For ActiveMQ

I am working on a project which requires integration with active mq. I was wondering if any of you have done this integration with laravel.

From what i have read online one way to communicate with activemq is through STOMP protocol. I found few packages which allows me to communication with stomp

What i am trying to understand and figure out is how can i extend queue package already provided by laravel. Thanks for all all your help in advance.

30 Jan
4 years ago

sandeepseshadri left a reply on Using Repositories

i noticed that this video explains my dilemma and shows how best to solve it

sandeepseshadri left a reply on Using Repositories

i am currently not in laravel 5 for my current project so providing inject in the action is not an option. I will look at creating a service to do this for me.

sandeepseshadri left a reply on Using Repositories

if i am using multiple repositories in a controller then do i inject all the repositories in the constructor or just instantiate them as and when needed.

i started with this public function __construct(DbOrganizationRepository $organization) { $this->organization = $organization; } and then in my contoller actions i do

$availableCollections  = $this->organization->getAvailableCollections();
    $accountTypes          = $this->organization->getAccountTypes();
    $subscriptionTypes     = $this->organization->getSubscriptionTypes();

then i should be doing this for each model $collections = new Acme\Repositories\Collections(); $availableCollections = $collections->getAvailableCollections();

is my understanding correct?

sandeepseshadri started a new conversation Using Repositories

I watched the repositories simplified video and i like the approach of moving lots of the queries from controllers into repositories. I am trying to implement this approach in my project but have few questions

lets look at userscontroller/create first the form display gathers lots of data like get available subscriptions, get available user types and while creating the actual user it does some validation and save notes, save subscriptions and send a email notification to the user.

my dilemma is should i create a new repository for each model that is used or should i just add a method in my user repository to get all this information.

sandeepseshadri started a new conversation Naming Conventions For Controllers And Models

Is it a genally accepted convention to use plurals when naming controllers and singular when naming models?

04 Dec
4 years ago

sandeepseshadri left a reply on Eloquent Query With Count Of Objects In A One-to-many Relationship

will this solution work in ms-sql? i am getting the following error "invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause".