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Level 1
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1 month ago
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Replied to Enhance Route Model Binding

I see,

Seems I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do myself :) I wasn't trying to bind one slug to one instance of a model, but one slug to one class name, which is achievable by doing something like this :


\Route::get('{model_slugs}', '[email protected]');


\ModelRoutes::registerModelSlug('articles', Article::class);

\Route::bind('model_slugs', function($value){
    return \ModelRoutes::getModelFromSlug($value);


function registerModelSlug($slug, $class)
    $this->modelSlugs[$slug] = $class;

function getModelFromSlug($slug)
    return $this->modelSlugs[$slug];


public function index($class){}

Not too sure it's a good idea looking at it now, but I'll give it a go.

Thank you all

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Replied to Enhance Route Model Binding

Thanks for your answer,

I don't see how it's related though ?

That would resolve my controller through the container, I'm looking for a way to resolve a slug within a route.

Or am I missing something really obvious ?

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Enhance Route Model Binding


I'm looking for ideas (if this is even possible) on how to bind a route slug to a class name with Laravel.

I know how to use the route binding in uris like /article/{article} with the \Route::model method, what I would like to do is to be able to bind the slug {articles} to the model Article (as a class name).

I managed to make this work by binding articles manually :

\Route::bind('articles', function(){
    return Article::class;

and retrieve it in my controller with \Route::getBindingCallback('articles')(), but I'd like to automatise this so the bindings appears in the parameters array of the Route class.

what I'm trying to create here is a generic controller for models that handles basic CRUD operations, so it's quite important that the controller doesn't need to know which slug it's looking for, could be articles, users, whatever, therefore the need to automatise it.

I suppose there's 2 parts :

  • bind the string {articles} to the Article model through a new Router method models for example, this should be quite straightforward by overriding the Router class.
  • resolve the string when a route is hit and add the Article class to the route parameters, this I have no idea how to do

Any ideas welcomed, even a detailed tutorial on how Laravel handles routing would be great. Or any other ways you can think of.

Thanks a lot

2 months ago
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Replied to Model Events Priorities

Thanks, will definitly get to that in the future, but for now I managed to make this work with a (not amazing) solution, by adding an observable event. Not too happy about overriding the constructor, but at least my classes that use this trait won't need to implement anything, apart from subscribing to the event.

If that can help anyone :

trait EntityBundle
    public function __construct(array $attributes = [])

    public static function bootEntityBundle()
        self::created(function (EntityBundleContract $model) {
            $bundle = new EntityBundleModel([
                'name' => $model->bundleName()

    public function fireBundleCreatedEvent()
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Replied to Model Events Priorities

Yes I'm starting to realise this :D

I don't really want to put everything in one place, ideally a trait would bring features that classes that use it do not need to put up with.

Will have a look at observers and custom events yes it looks like it's the way to go here

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Replied to Model Events Priorities

Thanks for your answer,

No I can't do this because the trait needs the model to have an id in order to set the relation (morphOne) :

trait EntityBundle

    public static function bootEntityBundle()
        self::creating(function (EntityBundleContract $model) {
            $bundle = new EntityBundleModel([
                'name' => $model->bundleName()
            $model->bundle()->save($bundle); //MorphOne relation, fails at saving as $model doesn't have an id

    public function bundle(): MorphOne
        return $this->morphOne(EntityBundleModel::class, 'instance');

The $bundle here is the object the model event needs to exist.

If I don't save the EntityBundleModel there and do a simple $model->bundle = $bundle, it fails at saving my model and considers '$model->bundle' as a normal attribute.

Think I'm gonna have to throw a custom event when $bundle is created.

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Started a new Conversation Model Events Priorities


Is there a way to assign priorities to events in Laravel ? Something like saying to an event 'You go first before any other event'

I've got a "created" event on a model that uses a trait that also register a "created" event at booting. My problem is that the event of the trait is executed after the event of the model, and in this particular situation it causes the model event to fail (the model event expects a relation to be set but it's not because that relation is set in the trait event).

So I would need the trait event to be executed before the model event.

Any idea how I could achieve that ?

Thanks !

4 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Mix And Module Architecture

Hi all,

Looking for advices for a problem I've been having for quite some time now, hope somebody can share some lights on this :

I'm trying to build an application that has several modules (thanks to https://nwidart.com/laravel-modules/v4/introduction) in their own folder, and themes, in their own folders too. Each of those define js and css that can be included at runtime or not (if the module/theme isn't used for that application/route). So far I had one webpack file for each module/theme and a root webpack file including them all and building the assets into the public directory, one file per module/theme, and the module/theme responsible for loading their assets at runtime. I had a command to merge all package.json and libraries were shared in the root node_modules folder.

It works ok in development but I'd like to take it a step further and automatize the thing so I can add modules/themes (through an UI or composer or whatever) without having to rebuild assets locally.

I could have my assets already compiled in each theme/module but then it would mean having the module's assets being compiled without any knowledge of other modules, it would make sense I suppose, but I loose the ability to extract whatever external libraries a module could use. What if I have 2 modules/themes that require the same external library ? this library would be loaded 2 times, it doesn't work either.

So should I look at building assets on the spot when a module is added (through php, is that possible ?). Each module would have its node dependencies copied at development in its folder. Does that sound possible/logical ? Or am I just dreaming here and I do have to load a library two times if two modules need it ? Or anything else I could look at ?

Thanks a lot for your time.