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13 Sep
1 week ago

rouge847 left a reply on Loop Through A Array And Add Values Of First Row Of Each Array To Table Cells

Your array structure is not ideal for what you want to achieve though not impossible. Ideally it should look like this:

$collection = collect([
        'header' => 'Title 1',
        'june' => 1222,
        'july' => 32323,
        'total' => 323332
        'header' => 'Title 2',
        'june' => 232323,
        'july' => 32313,
        'total' => 3233
        'header' => 'Title 3',
        'june' => 23423,
        'july' => 32333,
        'total' => 43242

And you can render them in blade this way:

<table class="table">
    <thead class="thead-light">
        @foreach ($collection as $row)
                <th scope="row">{{ $row['header'] }}</th>
                <td>{{ $row['july'] }}</td>
                <td>{{ $row['june'] }}</td>
                <td>{{ $row['total'] }}</td>

If you can't change the array, then you need to process the collection first like shown below. After that, you can use the same blade above. Be aware though, this is very prone to error, it's much better to have the array formatted correctly to begin with.

$data = collect([
    'months' => [
        'june' =>  [1222, 232323, 23423],
        'july' => [32323, 32313, 32333],
    'total' => [323332, 3233, 43242] 

$collection = collect(['Title 1', 'Title 2', 'Title 3'])->map(function ($header, $i) use ($data) {
    return [
        'header' => $header,
        'june' => $data['months']['june'][$i],
        'july' => $data['months']['july'][$i],
        'total' => $data['total'][$i]
11 Sep
1 week ago

rouge847 left a reply on Vimeo - You Have Been Temporarily Blocked

I've been in contact with @VimeoStaff on Twitter and they said they are blocking some cloud providers due to widespread malicious traffic. The CAPTCHA supposedly able to filter out the legitimate traffic but currently there is an issue on their end.

I'm in the process of white listing my IP but they can't promise if they were able to do it, especially for IP from shared hosting. It would be great if we have alternative way to watch Laracasts video @jeffreyway.

04 Sep
2 weeks ago

rouge847 started a new conversation Vimeo - You Have Been Temporarily Blocked

Is anyone experiencing same issue with Vimeo? Vimeo is blocked in my country, but I have been able to watch it through VPN. This just start suddenly out of nowhere today. If I go directly to, I got following message:

Pardon the inconvenience, but our servers have detected a high number of errors from your connection. To continue, please verify that you are a human:

There is a google recaptcha checkbox and when I checked them, then it shows this message:

Thank you! One moment... You have been unblocked, but it can take up to a minute for our servers to update and let you back in. This page will forward you along automatically soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But it just stuck there, and when I check my network tab, it shows multiple 403 error from get requests to

From googling around, it seems the exact same thing happened to someone else back in 2013 and it only got resolved by contacting Vimeo directly from twitter..

04 Jul
1 year ago

rouge847 left a reply on Where Are You All From?

Jakarta, Indonesia

rouge847 left a reply on Return View('page', Compact('data')); Not Openning

There are few things that need to be pointed out with your approach here.

  • update method is meant to be used to handle just updating the record. To return the view, you'll need to redirect to the method for showing the updated data, usually show method, after successfully update the record. And it is recommended to use patch for updating record.


    Route::get('test-data/{data}', '[email protected]')->name('');
    Route::patch('test-data/{data}', '[email protected]');


    public function show(AddTestData $data)
        return view('', compact('data'));
    public function update(Request $request, AddTestData $data)
        // Validate your request
        // Update data record
        // Will be triggered for axios request
        if ($request->expectsJson())
             return response('Data updated', 200);
        // Will be triggered when updating using traditional form request
        // Ignore this part if you only use axios
        return redirect()->route('', $data->id);
  • axios is an Ajax operation so it would not refresh unless you told them to. So in this case, you can simply redirect using javascript to the page that returns the view after the axios patch request is successful.

        <button @click="update">Update</button>
        export default {
            props: ['data'],
            methods: {
                update() {
                    axios.patch('/test-data/' +, {
                        foo: 'bar'
                    }).then(() => {
                        window.location.href = '/test-data/' +; //redirect to view

rouge847 left a reply on Better Query With Relations Then This

It's a classic n+1 problem. You can fix it by eager load the plays and user first before iterating the $game in a for loop.

You can watch the lesson linked below to see the workflow to fix this problem.

rouge847 left a reply on Update Inner Text Of A Variable

I would recommend using Vue for this. I have been using jQuery too for a long time and have been reluctant to learn Vue until recently. That was the best decision I've made in a while, it was so much better and easier for handling a task like this compared to jQuery.

I would recommend you to watch this series to quickly learn Vue 2.0.

If you're not familiar with ES2015 and above yet, you may want to watch the series too.

rouge847 left a reply on How To Set Url As Http://localhost:8000/post-ad/catagory/1

First, define the route for the category:

Route::get('post-ad/category/{category}', '[email protected]')->name('category');
// Route for http://localhost:8000/post-ad/catagory/1

Then, when you need to echo the link in your view file, you'll need to specify the second argument in route() with the category id.

<a href="{{ route('category', 1) }}">
    <img src="{{ asset('/images/car.png') }}" alt="Car" class="center-block">

rouge847 left a reply on Custom Login Redirect On Login Route After LoggedIn- How To Fix It

I'm guessing you're using auth middleware in your AdminController. To achieve what you want, you'll need to create a dedicated middleware with a redirect route to admin login page inside it.

First, create a middleware by executing php artisan make:middleware IsAdmin and check the incoming request like example code below:

public function handle($request, Closure $next)
    $user = $request->user();

    if (!$user)
        return redirect(route('admin.login'));

    if (!$user->admin)
        abort('403', 'You are not authorize to access this page.');
    return $next($request);

Next, you'll need to register the middleware in your app\Http\Kernel.php inside $routeMiddleware array like:

'admin' => \App\Http\Middleware\IsAdmin::class,

Finally, you can use this middleware in your AdminController in the __construct method, or defining it in your route file like:

Route::get('/admin', '[email protected]')->name('admin')->middleware('admin');

rouge847 left a reply on Shopping Cart With VueJs And Laravel Using Crinsane/LaravelShoppingcart

You can edit your page content to reflect adding item to the cart using Vue, or catch and process your endpoint response using axios.then(). These lessons might help show the basic worflow for working with Laravel & Vue.