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Level 12
55,420 XP
4 months ago
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Commented on Prime Factors

It was just for 3

4 months ago
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Commented on Refactoring To Controller Classes

A good code editor would have probably highlighted that as a possible error. Look into getting some PHP plugins for whatever code editor you are using.

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Commented on Composer Autoloading

Ignoring the /vendor directory is a very good practice.

Also, in this project, I believe he setup the config.php to hold the hard-coded username and password for the database connection. You would also want to ignore this file in that case. If you didn't, then your username and password would be available for anyone to view at the location this repository is stored, e.g. GitHub.

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Commented on Dynamic Inserts With PDO

join() is an alias of implode(), so yes you can use either. One argument for using implode over join is that the opposite function, explode() just sounds more paired to implode than `join'. But that is just my personal opinion.

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Commented on Forms, Request Types, And Routing

I believe it is good practice to declare class properties and give them default properties when practical. This allows the next developer to quickly scan the class and see what the properties and methods of that class are. If you omitted the $routes declaration, it is not obvious that there is an available routes property on the class unless you dig deeper into the methods and find out that get() and post() are setting that property.

Also, by omitting the declaration, you have lost the ability to restrict the visibility of the routes property. When you build it the way you did, the property is given a default visibility of 'public' instead of 'protected'.

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Commented on Make A Router

I thought he did an amazing job presenting a complicated topic that has lots of interconnected pieces. It broke it down into it's parts to make it more digestible and this is similar to how a framework would implement a router. If you had trouble following along, then just watch it again and again until you grasp it.

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Commented on Intro To PDO

After re-reading your question, I believe what you are looking for what Laravel calls Accessors/Mutators. You would need to use the magic method __set() and then within that method call a function to manipulate that value. Something like:

class User
    public function getName()
        return ucwords($this->name);

    public function setName($value)
        // Do whatever it is you want to do to the value
        $this->name = $value;

    public function __set($key, $value)
        if ($key === 'name') {

This is just off the top of my head and would probably require some manipulation to work. Read the whole post of the link that I referenced in my previous comment to get a better handle on how PDO is setting up the class.

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Commented on Intro To PDO

You can pass additional arguments to the fetchAll method to retrieve things in different ways and pass arguments to the constructor.

4 months ago
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Commented on Feature: Forum Reputation Refactoring

What are the benefits of declaring the reputation values as constants instead of using a config file?