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12th October, 2017

robbyrr left a reply on Where Are You All From? • 6 days ago

Breda, The Netherlands reporting in;)

10th October, 2017

robbyrr left a reply on How To Delete Data And Update Data From Two Different Tables At The Same Time ? • 1 week ago

You only pass on 1 argument via your post action and delete route, which is the $user->id.

How does it supposed to get the $channelId?

26th July, 2017

robbyrr left a reply on Parse Error On TDD Forum Series • 2 months ago

That's called an anonymous class, and it's introduced in 7.0. You can instead create a new class, say at the bottom of the TestCase file called TestHandler, and then replace the line setting the new handler with this:

$this->app->instance(ExceptionHandler::class, new TestHandler); At the bottom of TestCase.php:

class TestHandler extends Handler { public function __construct() { } public function report(\Exception $e) { } public function render($request, \Exception $e) { throw $e; } }

It's in the comment section on that paticulair episode..credits goes to darrenmonahan.:)

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