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1 year ago
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Replied to Null Value

first print all the request like

or $request->input(); may be

then see either you are receiving key value or not , , ,are you getting image . .??

1 year ago
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Replied to JSON Path And Blade

here is an js option you will all the array in your js code then filter that array and create new array then create DOM accordingly

LETS say in js you have array like

var n = [{"buy":"12350.010000","sell":"12300.170000","tag":"2017-12-29"},{"buy":"12209.260000","sell":"12174.990000","tag":"2017-12-29"},{"buy":"12147.790000","sell":"12133.570000","tag":"2017-12-29"},{"buy":"12182.610000","sell":"12143.480000","tag":"2017-12-29"},{"buy":"11983.490000","sell":"11959.920000","tag":"2017-12-29"},{"buy":"12058.670000","sell":"12029.790000","tag":"2017-12-29"}];

then var q = n.filter((x) => x.sale);

then populate that thanks

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Replied to Query Builder

i think you can try using something like that expressions

->select(DB::raw('count(*) as user_count, status'))

in your query builder to get the desired results

1 year ago
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Replied to Map Eloquent Event To A Dedicated Classes And Get The ID Of The Logged In User

you can get login in user object like Auth::user(); anywhewre in the app dont forget to require it on top use Auth

2 years ago
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Replied to Hook Into 'dispatch()'

use job delay , with dispatch

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Replied to Problem Changing Routes Returns To Login

may be you are using authenticate trait on each controller, try writing route foreach action other then resource

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Replied to Mysql Query To Query Builder

ok m trying to convert it to query builder and laravel way . .

$PFReadings= DB::table('PFContact')
            ->select(`Send`, `Recive`, `Core`, `lock`)
foreach($PFReadings as $reading) {
 echo shell_exec('python3 enc.py '.$hdr[$i].' '.$as.' '.$df.' '.$gh.' '.$dp.' '.$a.' l');


do somthing like that

2 years ago
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Replied to Refresh A DIV In Laravel Every 5 Seconds

try hitting a route via ajax from which you are taking data

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Replied to How To Retrieve Data From Multiple Tables With Different Relations

use simple relationship and data using modal::has('relation')->gat(); or user whereHas() instead

or appends whole relationShip results ,

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Replied to Specific Queue For Notifications


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Replied to Laravel 5.2 MethodNotAllowedHttpException

seems like its reaching on route but not performing action you must have to send csrf token in the order to work post request just add an extra hidden failds like that in form "

     <input type="hidden" name="_token" value="{{ csrf_token() }}" />

Hope this will work thanks

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Replied to Method 'to' Not Found In \Illuminate\Support\Facades\Mail

use Illuminate\Contracts\Mail\Mailer;

 public function addApplicant(Request $request, Mailer $mailer)
  $mailer->send('emails.toApplicant', [
                'applicant'              => $applicant,
                'applicationDetailUrl' => $applicationDetailUrl
            ], function ($m) use ($applicant) {
                $m->to($applicant->email, $applicant->name)->subject('Application Submitted Successfully');

or if you want to use Mail, u can importing same facade but using it as :

$data = [
            'key'     => 'value'
        \Mail::send('login', $data, function ($m) use ($data) {
                $m->to('[email protected]', 'rizwan')->subject('Route test!');
2 years ago
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Replied to Make:model Also Creates A Migration

Should be work as

$ php artisan make:model Settings --no-migration

Model created successfully.