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20 Feb
1 year ago

resting left a reply on Does Alias Work Only Work In View Templates?

Cool that works. But why does it need to be used as\VuforiaApi when other aliases doesn't need the backlash? (like Cache)

resting started a new conversation Does Alias Work Only Work In View Templates?

I have a Facade class:

namespace App\Facades;

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Facade;

class VuforiaApiFacade extends Facade
    protected static function getFacadeAccessor()
        return 'VuforiaApi';

I register the alias VuforiaApi with:

'VuforiaApi' => App\Facades\VuforiaApiFacade::class,

Tried to call a method from controller:


throws Class 'App\Http\Controllers\VuforiaApi' not found

I had to call the full path to the Facade:

use App\Facades\VuforiaApiFacade;

However calling a method in view template works fine


So alias only works in view templates?

31 Jan
1 year ago

resting started a new conversation How Do You Generate Links?

Do you guys use the link_to helper to generate links? ( Why is it not stated in 5.2 doc? ( Does Laravel's doc only document features for that particular version?

Are we supposed to go through all the documentation of versions below 5.2 assuming I'm using 5.2?


25 Nov
1 year ago

resting started a new conversation How To Manage Migration Of Db Content With Existing Data?

I have to make some changes to the permissions the users has for example. Using entrust here.

So I basically have to remove the old permissions and attach a new one.

I think I need a migration script and is wondering if there is a mechanism in Laravel to track these kinds of changes just like how DB schema changes are tracked in migration files etc.

18 Nov
1 year ago

resting started a new conversation How To Build This Relationships Tree With Eloquent?

Say I have a Admin role, who can create other Admins. An Admin can create Editors. Each Admin can only manage the Editors they created. An Editor can create posts. An Admin who created the Editor, as well as the Editors who created the posts can manage it.

I imagine there's a tree relationship here, and not sure how to go about building Eloquent relationships.

Is it like a User hasAndBelongsToMany Users? Something like that?

24 Apr
2 years ago

resting left a reply on Question About Building Relationships

Wow. It actually works.

And it's better than query builder cause it returns Items objects instead of a standard object.

Nice. Thanks.

resting left a reply on Question About Building Relationships

It kinda works, but I don't have flatMap probably because I'm at 5.2.

So now I need to pass off the query to a paginator and this is what I have:

Auth::user()->projects()->with('items')->orderBy('updated_at', 'desc')->paginate($limit)

But I think it's paginating the projects instead of items. See screenshot of dd() result:

Think I have to make items the main subject instead of `projects' somehow.

Maybe it's not possible with relationships. Probably will have to use query builder.

resting started a new conversation Question About Building Relationships

I have 3 tables. Users, Projects, Items. There's also a Pivot Table Project_User for the many-to-many relationship between projects and users.

So I can get projects assigned under the logged in user like: Auth::user()->projects()->get(). This is working fine.

Items belongsTo one project.

Now I'm not sure how to build the relationship so that I can retrieve the items similar to how I get the projects. Something like: Auth::user()->items()->get().

Option 1: I can get all the projects associated with the user first, then iterate everyone to get the items. I don't like this cause I think it should be possible to do it in one step?

Options 2: Somehow I can build a relationship or query in User.php to get access directly to items? This is the part I'm not sure of.

So I realise mine is a typical hasManyThrough pivot table problem. Doesn't seem like there's a good solution around.