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Level 26
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1 day ago
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Replied to Auth:sanctum Middleware Causing Memory Exhausting

@omar590 Doesn't look like the error is specifically with Sanctum. Try increasing the memory_limit in your php.ini file?

Note: This is a temporary fix.

Something is off here. You can also debug using xdebug or other tools to check if there is a memory leak.

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Replied to Maximum Execution Time Of 300 Seconds Exceeded

@jewelhuq Can you try increasing your max_execution_time in your php.ini file?

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Replied to How To Display Data From Multi Level Categories?

@nero If I understood correctly you have a Many-to-Many relationship and want to query products based on selected category. If yes you can just do:

$products = Category::find($categoryId)->products();

Again, I am not sure if this is what you want.

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Replied to Avoid Duplication

@emfinanga Its not clear what some of the lines do in the code example

foreach ($no as $idnx) {
	$noo = (int) $idnx->bill_no;

$tambah = $noo + 1;

But you can make this code more readable and reduce LOC. You can replace this

if($request->filled('backdate')) {
                              $date = request('backdate');
                          } else {
                              $date = Carbon::now()->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');


$date = $request->filled('backdate') ? request('backdate') : Carbon::now()->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');

Instead of if statements here you can use switch statement:

 if ($tambah < 10) {
                    $bill_number = "E" . Carbon::now()->format('dmy') . "000" . $tambah;
                } else if ($tambah < 100) {
                    $bill_number = "E" . Carbon::now()->format('dmy') . "00" . $tambah;
                } else if ($tambah < 1000) {
                    $bill_number = "E" . Carbon::now()->format('dmy') . "0" . $tambah;
                } else if ($tambah < 10000) {
                    $bill_number = "E" . Carbon::now()->format('dmy') . $tambah;
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Replied to Vue JS 2.0 "div" Single Root Element Remove

@app_dev Its not clear without the code. Can you please post the component code which is throwing this error?

Or Make sure that the component is wrapped in a single div. Example

	<!-- Wrapper div -->
		<!-- Your html goes here -->

1 week ago
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Replied to Email Masking

@milankyada You mean you didn't even receive email on local email server? If that's the case I am assuming there should be an error which we might be missing.

If its on actual mail server then it might be because you are sending the email on the dummy email address which obviously would bounce all over and never deliver. Hence mask the email to user but send it on the actual email address.

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Replied to Email Masking

@ironyh Great suggestions. Laravel Mailbox by Beyondco is really awesome. But for me MailHog worked the best. Simple, Easy to set up and works great.

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Replied to Email Masking

@milankyada Ummmm i see. Can you be more specific what didn't work for you? Were you stuck somewhere?

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Replied to Filter

Hey @nacha Got you. So looks like your link goes to products controller on the index method.

So now when you die and dump this dd(\request()->get('value')) on the index method what do you get?

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Replied to Image Validation After Selecting From File Manager

Hey @rffred please provide full code from the form used to upload files and the backend code. What is the error you receive when you upload the file? If its 403 it might be due to csrf token.

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Replied to BestšŸŖ”Way

Hey @konstruktionsplan ,

I think I am missing something here. You are joining the playgrounds table and the number table on playground.hash and earnings.hash. Shouldn't it be

Playground::join('number', 'playground.hash', '=', 'number.hash')->orderBy('', 'DESC')->get();

Also can you post the expected answer? That will help me and others to know what you want to achieve and we could help you better.


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Replied to Filter

Hey @nacha it is not clear where are you getting $colors and $sizes from. Are these passed from the controller?

Secondly, if you are getting a 404 it means the route is not defined properly. Looks like you use the url() helper to add the links and the query params.

Can you please post your routes/web.php file code?

You can also try to write the url like this:

url('path') . '?' . http_build_query(['param1' => 'value', 'param2' => 'value']);
<li><a href="{{ url('products') . '?' . http_build_query([ 'value' => $size->value ]) }}">{{ $size->value }}</a></li>

Note: I haven't tried this myself but used in one of my projects a long time back.

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Replied to Hosting Multiple Laravel Based Web Sites

Hey @p81cfm I work with this use case of hosting multiple applications on a server at my current job. The way we have set it up is that when a request comes in through a browser nginx re-routes it to the appropriate application which are located on subfolders.

Ex. serves application from /var/www/apps/app2 serves application from /var/www/apps/app2

Here is an article which explains this better.

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Replied to Email Masking

I am not sure if this would be the best way to do this but you could have a pivot table email_user which stores a random generated unique dummy email address.

With this in place you could show users the dummy email address but then while sending email send it to the actual users email obtained from the relationship.

Hope that makes sense.

Best, Prasad Chinwal

1 week ago
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Replied to Job Dependencies

@developer makes sense. Now even I am thinking if there is a better way to do this other than using batching. If you don't mind keep me posted if you find something. :)

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Replied to Job Dependencies

Hi @developer, if I understood you correctly what you need is Job Chaining. This allows you to run the jobs in a sequence. Here is the link to documentation.

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Replied to Use Laravel Excel Inside Laravel Package Development

Hey @anurat try running composer dump-autoload.

1 month ago
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Replied to Shibboleth Authentication

Hey @diegones,

So we do have authentication set up for our Vue apps but it uses the OIDC approach. Here is the library we use oidc client.

I actually ended up building the frontend app using nuxt so to integrate it with vuex I used this library vuex oidc client.

You would not be able to authenticate your frontend using the uabookstores/laravel-shibboleth package as your vue app would only be making api calls to your lumen app. So to authenticate your frontend use the oidc client and to authenticate the backend api's use the token introspection method with this package on your lumen app laravel token introspection.