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16 May
6 days ago

patgilmour left a reply on Easy Way To Check If Laravel App Has Connection With Existing MySQL DB

Laravel 5.8.* — the following quick and dirty database connection test works. In your fresh Laravel install, temporarily replace the default route with the following then hit the homepage:

use Illuminate\Database\Connection;

Route::get('/', function () {

    // Test database connection
    try {
        echo "Connected successfully to: " . DB::connection()->getDatabaseName();
    } catch (\Exception $e) {
        die("Could not connect to the database.  Please check your configuration. error:" . $e );

    return view('welcome');
05 Aug
1 year ago

patgilmour left a reply on Build Collection Subset Of Related One-to-many Results

@Snapey - thanks a million!

That is exactly what I wanted but didn't know the name.

My page Waiting (TTFB) has gone from 5 seconds to 200ms!

Lesson: don't call models from loops inside Blade is you can use eager-loading instead.

Anyone with the same issue, read more here:

04 Aug
1 year ago

patgilmour started a new conversation Build Collection Subset Of Related One-to-many Results

I'm trying to build a collection with related results as a subset. As in...

I have two models: Leaflets and Pages. The relationship is: Leaflet one-to-many Page.

Imagine I have 3 Leaflets and each has 6 Pages. What I want is 3 Leaflet collections that have the 6 Page ids within them.

But when I try a leftJoin, I get 18 results instead of 3:

$leaflets = Leaflet:: leftJoin('pages', 'pages.leaflet_id', '=', '') ->select('leaflets.*', '') ->get();

Obviously, I am missing something very fundamental, but I've tried every Google search I can think of to no avail.

As a side note, the reason why I want to build a large collection like this is because with my real models I'm hitting performance issues in the blade rendering. As in: @foreach ($leaflet->$Page as $page) etc... (there are further sub-related datasets. I have to dump a huge amount of data into the page - ajax isn't an option – so I'm hoping that by iterating collections, rather than running `$leaflet->$Pa (which I assume is running a query) things will run faster. I might be totally wrong but I can't test it until I have the above working.)

Thanks for any help or insights on this.

17 Jun
1 year ago

patgilmour left a reply on Valet - 404 - Not Found

None of the above worked for me, but this did:

cd to your home directory in Terminal and remove the hidden .valet folder. So, in my case:

pat$ rm -r .valet

Now reinstall valet with:

valet install

Then cd to your sites/code/wherever your laravel sites are directory and:

valet park

You can cd into one of your site folders and type this to open the site in your browser with valet:

valet open