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13th September, 2017

osuwariboy left a reply on Purpose Of Homestead/Laravel Rsa Keys • 9 months ago

I did a vagrant destroy and then a vagrant up. Unless I'm mistaken, that should have reprovisioned the box, no? Also, the box I'm currently using is Homestead/laravel

osuwariboy left a reply on Purpose Of Homestead/Laravel Rsa Keys • 9 months ago

But... vagrant ssh works even though I commented out the configuration.

osuwariboy started a new conversation Purpose Of Homestead/Laravel Rsa Keys • 9 months ago

Hey there,

I'm currently configuring a Homestead/Laravel vagrant box on my windows machine and I'm kind of lost as to the purpose of the "authorize" and "keys" directives in the Homestead.yaml file.

I tried the following expecting something to actually crash, but to my surprise, everything built normally:

authorize: ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub


- ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Putty can connect to the machine no problem and the machine works as expected. So... what is the purpose of these lines? Can someone tell me?

Thanks in advance.

10th March, 2017

osuwariboy started a new conversation Inconsistency Between PDO And Class Model InsertAndSetId Method? • 1 year ago

Okay, so in method insertAndSetId() method of the Model class, there's something that's kind of strange. It does this:

$id = $query->insertGetId($attributes, $keyName = $this->getKeyName());

Which does an insert before calling the lastInsertId() method of PDO in order to recover the last inserted id. The thing is that with the given parameters, it basically does:


The thing is that PDO expects the name of the sequence from which to recover the ID, not the name of the primary key field. I'm using Vertica (which is a fork of PostgreSQL) and it's causing me quite a headache. Typically, sequences are named using this scheme:


So if you have a billing table with an Id field that's populated by a sequence, you'd typically have:


Can anyone explain to me why it's been done this way?


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