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23 Jan
2 years ago

omitobisam left a reply on General Error: 1215 Cannot Add Foreign Key Constraint

Well there are 3 things I did when I encountered this issue: Say I have two tables users and clients

  1. I changed the timestamp of my users table to be earlier than clients table
  2. Just to be sure everything is okay, I ran composer dump-autoload (since I use composer)
  3. changed the type of the foreign key in my clients table to integer since the users id is also integer.

I would say my best bet was the first, the clients table is created before the users table, and was trying to assign a primary key of a users table that does not exist. Otherwise, the user_id column on the clients table as well should be unsigned and integer so to make things clear.

17 Jan
2 years ago

omitobisam left a reply on Select Specific Columns Using Eloquent Orm

@TKay, If you already specified a relationship with user and store for example

//Model User
public function stores()
    return $this->hasMany(Store::class);

//Model Store
public function user()
    return $this->belongs(User::class);

The you can get a all the stores for a user for example in your controller with

$user_stores = Auth::user()->stores();

Auth::user() already is a model for User, and just get the relationship with Store.

16 Jan
2 years ago

omitobisam left a reply on Migrating A Table With An Int Limit

In order to ensure it doesn't make that integer field auto_increment, I normally would do


As @chaibialaa said, you cannot set the length of the integer field (I guess length is normally associated with string type). I has similar issue when trying to modify a table's column with doctrine/dbal so I had to choose the smallest size they support which is smallInteger