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Level 6
27,005 XP
28 May
3 months ago

neovive left a reply on Access DigitalOcean From Windows With SSH

I've been using Git for Windows for a few years. It installs a very functional Git environment (Bash, Terminal, etc.) that runs on top of Windows. Once installed, you can configure Bash and ssh settings similar to Linux. openssh is included, so you can use ssh-keygen directly without Putty.

To switch VS Code's built-in terminal to use Git Bish, add the following line to your settings.json: "": "C:\\Program Files\\Git\\bin\\bash.exe",

If you're running Windows 10, you can also try using the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

31 Jan
7 months ago

neovive left a reply on Is There A Video That Shows Using SweetAlert?

@DIGIPRODUCT - Thanks. I have it running based on the docs, but wanted to see if there was a "cleaner" way when using with Laravel Mix.

neovive started a new conversation Is There A Video That Shows Using SweetAlert?

Does someone know a video where Jeff uses SweetAlert with Vue? I recall watching it here, but can't find it again. Thanks.

23 Oct
1 year ago

neovive left a reply on The Visual Studio Code Thread

@ohffs I'm going to test out the goto view extension.

I totally agree about Zen Mode. On larger monitors, I just turn off full-screen Zen Mode in user settings with "zenMode.fullScreen": false, so everything is hidden and I can strech as needed. There are some open issues for centering text in Zen Mode.

Have you tried, Ctrl+tab for toggling or setting a custom keymap for toggling? It won't solve your issue, but it's something.

neovive left a reply on The Visual Studio Code Thread

I switched to VS Code last December, mostly for Vue/front-end development, but recently for Laravel/PHP. It feels fast and light-weight and has matured greatly since last year. I look forward to the consistent monthly updates. As with any tool, your mileage may vary, but it's definitely worth a try.

The team behind VS Code is very motivated and transparent. You can read their roadmap and follow the detailed monthly iteration plans to see what's coming.

Editor experience

The experience is pretty standard for a modern code editor. It's a relatively smooth switch from Sublime or Atom. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts or just install the Sublime and Atom keymap extensions to jumpstart the conversion. A few nice color themes are bundled and many more are available in the extension marketplace.

Out of the box VS Code ships with almost everything you need for front-end development (git integration, js debugging, diff tools, search, syntax highlighting, integrated terminal, intellisense, emmet, code folding, go to definition, markdown preview, split screen, zen mode, tabs, etc.). The excellent documentation covers all the core features.


The extension marketplace is full of great add-ons for almost every use-case. VS Code also supports extension packs (pre-packaged bundles of extensions) and recommends extensions for you.

My extension list includes:


  • Advanced New File (cmd+alt+n to create a new file)
  • Beautify (Beautify javascript, JSON, CSS, Sass, and HTML)
  • ES Lint
  • Git History (View git log along with the graph and details)
  • HTML Tag Wrap (alt+w to wrap selection with tag)
  • Import Cost (inline display of imported JS package size)
  • SVG Viewer
  • Path Intellisense (autocomplete filenames)
  • Colonize (shortcuts to add semicolon to end of line)
  • Markdown Navigate
  • Markdown Shortcuts
  • VSCode Great Icons (extensive icon pack for file explorer)

Vue - also check the VueJS Extension Pack

  • Vetur (now officially supported by VueJS - almost everything you need for Vue development in one package)
  • Sarah Drasner's Vue VSCode Snippets

Laravel/PHP - also check the Laravel Extension Pack

  • PHP Intellisense (the core PHP extension for VS Code)
  • PHP Namespace resolver (import and expand and your class)
  • Laravel 5 Snippets
  • Laravel Blade Snippets
  • Laravel Artisan
  • Laravel Helpers


VS Code is hard to beat for front-end web development. With a combination of built-in tools and extensions, it covers almost every need. It works well for smaller Laravel/PHP projects, but stick to PHPStorm for heavy refactoring and more advanced PHP work. The PHP extensions are still maturing, but efforts are underway.

12 Jul
2 years ago

neovive left a reply on Redirect Loop For Non-www Domains To Www Domain.

Taylor should consider adding this as a configuration option from the Forge dashboard. The Dreamhost panel has a simple radio button, where you can select your preferred domain redirect option ( or

06 Apr
2 years ago

neovive left a reply on Using Third-party Vue Components

Thanks! I'm going to work through the ES6 and Webpack courses, which should hopefully clarify things a bit.

Do you know why Laravel Mix uses CommonJS module syntax?

neovive left a reply on Using Third-party Vue Components

Anyone know of any existing tutorials on Laracasts or on the web that integrate third-party Vue components with Laravel 5.4? As the Vue ecosystem grows, I assume this will be a common practice.

It seemed much easier with jQuery :)

03 Apr
2 years ago

neovive started a new conversation Using Third-party Vue Components

I'm working on my first project with Vue 2/Laravel Mix and I'm not sure how to integrate third-party Vue components. I'm able to use my own simple .vue files and the Example.vue compiles and works fine.

Specifically, I'm trying to use Vue-Typeahead and it's a bit tricky to integrate since the Typeahead example uses ES6 imports, but Laravel Mix uses require.

Webpack (npm run dev) compiles successfully, but I get an "Uncaught ReferenceError: Typeahead is not defined" error in the devtools console.

  • I installed vue-typeahead via node and created a separate Typeahead.vue in resources/assets/js/components

  • I use var VueTypeahead = require('vue-typeahead'); in the script section of Typeahead.vue

  • I added the following to my resources/assets/js/app.js

Vue.prototype.$http = axios;
Vue.component('typeahead', require('./components/Typeahead.vue'));

const autocomplete = new Vue({
    el: '#autocomplete',
    components: {
  • Component reference in Blade:
    <div id="autocomplete">
02 Mar
2 years ago

neovive started a new conversation CSS Series' Not Listed Under "Skills > Front-End"

Just a quick note to point out that the "Learn Flexbox through Examples" and the new Webpack series' do not show up under "Skills > Front-End". There's also many other excellent front-end videos that could use some promotion in that category. Thanks.

20 Jan
2 years ago

neovive left a reply on When To Use Components?

@Olixr Thanks for your input. Definitely one of those "it depends" areas.

I've been using Bulma a bit as well and definitely like its simple naming conventions.

13 Jan
2 years ago

neovive started a new conversation When To Use Components?

I'm new to component-based design with Vue and was hoping someone could share their experience regarding breaking up websites into components. Specifically, how do you determine when to use a component vs. plain HTML/Blade?

My thinking is to stick with HTML/blade views for page layout and basic elements (section, article, header, footer, main) and use Vue components for reusable/custom elements that require behavior (navigation, tabs, search forms, sliders, pagination, etc.). Essentially, most things listed as components in the Bootstrap docs would become Vue components.

If anyone could share some tips or best practices from their own experience, that would be great. I don't want to over-complicate things--if not needed.


15 Nov
2 years ago

neovive left a reply on Laracasts Refresh

Very nice! Bulma FTW! The new inline classes are much more readable when compared to the BEM style. I also like the expanded use of SVG.

30 Oct
2 years ago

neovive left a reply on Video Page Wastes A Lot Of Space When Half Size

I use the following bookmarklet that expands the video to 100% when working split screen. It makes it a bit easier to read the text in the window (especially on a 24 inch screen)

javascript:($('.Video__player').css('width', '100%'));
26 Sep
2 years ago

neovive left a reply on Forge Security

@fideloper gave a great response to this question at: However, the page is no longer available. Maybe Chris could repost the content. You can also find a lot of great information in Chris's book. I don't recall everything from the post, but he did mention that Forge has a good default firewall config (only allowing in SSH and web traffic) and Fail2Ban is monitoring bad SSH attempts. I also know that automatic updates run on Forge, but the server is not set to reboot on its own. You need to login periodically and run sudo reboot.

neovive started a new conversation Support Options For Forge/Digital Ocean

Can anyone recommend an outside service to use for server support on Digital Ocean/Forge? One of the requirements for a project I want to migrate requires system admin support and Digital Ocean is more of an unmanaged host. Thanks.

23 Sep
2 years ago

neovive started a new conversation Syntax For Named Routes In 5.3

I noticed that the Laravel 5.3 docs no longer reference the old named routes syntax:

Route::get('user/profile', [
    'as' => 'profile', 'uses' => '[email protected]'

only chaining the name method is referenced.

I prefer the name() method, but was just wondering if the older syntax is being deprecated.

15 Sep
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Angular/2 Released

I'm going through the Angular2 docs now and it looks very interesting. The template syntax is similar to VueJS with added functionality/complexity.

From the announcement, it's clear that NG2 is positioning itself as a entire platform/ecosystem (routing, data binding, workers, observables, server-side rendering/AoT compilation, Material components, mobile, etc.). One interesting note from the announcement video is that at least 20+ full-time employees are working on NG2--that's quite a commitment. For me, it's a bit overwhelming right now and I'll probably wait for the dust to settle then go through some of the updated NG2 tutorials and books.

For anyone more experienced with NG2, how does it change the workflow/architecture of a typical Laravel/VueJs app? It seems like NG2 manages the entire application via it's routes and templates and communicates with Laravel via its HTTP Service. The application becomes an SPA with a Laravel back-end.


26 Aug
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Views Within App Instead Of Resources

@zachleigh @luddinus Great points. I will try to think of resources as a non-namespaced layer above the core application/business logic.

neovive started a new conversation Views Within App Instead Of Resources

I really like the improved folder structure in Laravel 5.3. However, one thing that always feels odd to me is views under the resources folder. Keeping assets and lang files within resources fits well, but views are such a critical part of a web application that they seem to fit better within the root or app directory. It's clearly not a major issue, and has probably been discussed before, but I was wondering what other Laravel devs think.

29 Jul
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Code Blocks Not Colored

I can confirm on Chrome / Windows 10.

20 Jul
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Changes In Vue.js 2

@jimmck Thanks for the links. Evan's detailed overview the the 2.0 changes was very informative. For those interested in the reasoning behind the deprecation of of .sync and the new one-way binding, skip to around 1:02 in Evan's Livestream

19 Jul
3 years ago

neovive started a new conversation Changes In Vue.js 2

I'm learning Vue.js 1 right now on Laracasts and just learned about the upcoming changes in Vue.js 2. I'm not a Vue expert by any stretch, but I noticed quite a few concepts reviewed in the Vue series that are changing (e.g. two-way binding, ready, $remove, filters, etc.).

For those more experienced with Vue, do you feel these changes are improvements? Hopefully, this is not an example of chasing trends or trying to compete with React and Angular2 at the expense of simplicity.

27 Jun
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on SQL GUI What Software Do You Use On Windows?

SQLYog is a good option. There is a free community edition.

17 Jun
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Video Container To Big For Screen

I'm noticing now that the videos are a bit smaller when I pin them to half the screen on a 1920x1080 monitor. It's related to the .Video__player { width: 80% }. I've been using the following bookmarklet as a workaround today to maximize the width:

javascript:($('.Video__player').css('width', '100%'));
13 May
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Could We Get The Source Code Of Flyer Project

I'm going through the videos now and have some odd bug that I can't quite solve. I wasn't able to find the source on GitHub for reference. Does anyone have a copy on GitHub?

12 May
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Switching To Node?

As always, it really depends on your needs. When working with Node, I find myself coding a lot more boilerplate to accomplish the same end result. If you truly require real-time, then Node or other stacks might work better, but for the majority of web app or API backends, PHP7/Laravel is a great solution. For a small team, Laravel offers a big productivity boost and developer time is typically more costly then servers. I also find my Laravel code much easier to read and understand a few months later than Node code with nested callbacks and promises. It's just a preference, but Laravel just seems more elegant.

05 May
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Video Sidebar Problem

I like the quick access to the playlist; it's better than having to scroll below the video. However, I'm mixed on showing the series cover photo, since the graphic obscures most of the playlist. Also, I was watching the Monstrous Code series at work this morning and someone walked in and thought I was watching a monster cartoon :-)

If you have a chance, check the new layout. It's probably a bit heavier than you need, but I do like how they position the series and lesson title on top and the series playlist on the left.

21 Apr
3 years ago

neovive started a new conversation Adding Laravel Version Video Notes

When switching between various series and individual videos, it could be helpful to see the exact Laravel version used at the time of the recording . There are seems be small changes even across minor releases that can be confusing to less experienced devs -- especially if you don't review the change logs often. You could possibly consider a version filter as well (where relevant). Thanks.

11 Jan
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Creating Forms?

@IsaacBen Thanks for posting the delete example. It was very helpful. How do you typically handle form-model binding without laravelcollective/html? Especially for update forms and repopulating form elements on errors.

05 Jan
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on What Does Forge In Terms Of Security?

@bashy Thanks for the list of security services. I setup fail2ban after reading Fideloper's SfH book. Do you recommend any other sysadmin books or websites for working with Forge / DO servers?

neovive left a reply on System Restart Required

@steft: Ah. Of course! I found the email.

@bashy: I'll use "sudo reboot" instead. Thanks.

neovive left a reply on System Restart Required

Is is recommended to reboot the server via forge or the command line? When I tried from the command line using "sudo shutdown -r now" I am prompted for a "password for forge:", which seems to have been set internally.

19 Dec
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Best Practices For Form Model Binding In Laravel 5.1

@bastiaan89 I agree. I was surprised that this is overlooked in the quickstart and in ProjectFlyer. Especially since the Form editor is no longer built-in. I would be curious to see how Jeffrey would handle this in ProjectFlyer. Since the only reference in the Laravel 5 fundamentals using the original Form facade.

neovive left a reply on Best Practices For Form Model Binding In Laravel 5.1

Thanks. I'm going to keep using the HTML library for now. BTW, has anyone used Adam Wathan's Form Builder. It seems quite nice.

18 Dec
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Best Practices For Form Model Binding In Laravel 5.1

I've actually been using the HTML package, but noticed that the latest Laracasts videos (Project Flyer) and the Laravel quick start tutorials no longer use the HTML package. I assumed, perhaps, that it is no longer considered a best practice.

neovive started a new conversation Best Practices For Form Model Binding In Laravel 5.1

Are there any best practices for form model binding without using the laravelcollective/html package? I've seen multiple approaches using old() that work fine, but don't seem as elegant. I also found Adam Watham's Form Library very nice to work with. I'm just wondering what other devs use as the new Laravel quick start tutorials don't seem to cover editing of existing data. Thanks.

01 Dec
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Official Process For New Video/series Requests

Perhaps a list of planned courses could help with planning out your training across various resources. Lately, I've been relying on Laravel Blogs and books to fill in gaps like Cashier, Socialite, and mutli-tenant architecture as most of the new Laracasts content seems focused on the front-end.

23 Nov
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on It Would Be Great To See A Series On Multi-Tenant Apps

@martinbean It would be interesting to see some of the various approaches implemented in Laravel 5.1. For example, most of the existing articles and tutorials focus on using a single database with scopes, but it would also be interesting to see an end-to-end project utilizing wild-card domains and multiple databases.

neovive started a new conversation It Would Be Great To See A Series On Multi-Tenant Apps

There is an older Laravel 4 course on Tuts+ ( This is a tricky topic and would incorporate a lot of advanced Laravel concepts.

22 Nov
3 years ago

neovive started a new conversation Quick Fast Forward And Rewind

I just noticed that the shortcut keys for quickly fast forwarding and rewinding a few seconds using the right and left arrow keys no longer work.

16 Nov
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Using Query Strings And Pagination

@pmall Great solution! Very clean. I was researching some best practices for using query strings in Laravel and could only find various posts on Stack Exchange. I'm surprised @JeffreyWay hasn't covered this in a video. Query strings are great for search options and other parameters that don't need to be part of indexed url's.

29 Oct
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Vue Or React On New Project? Looking For Some Pro/cons To Help Swing The Vote.

I just noticed the new Vue.JS 1.0 videos. Has anyone changed their mind in this thread? I recently started working with React and enjoy the virtual dom concept, React Native possibilities and large community support. However, Vue.JS seems simpler and more "Laravel"-like -- or at least Jeffrey does a great job making it seem easy.

I read through but was wondering how other Laravel devs feel now the Vue has reached 1.0. Am I just being tempted by another new MV JS library or are there other benefits to Vue that I am missing as a newbie?

23 Oct
3 years ago

neovive left a reply on Official Process For New Video/series Requests

Exactly! Sometimes Jeffrey posts a topic that I wouldn't even think to suggest and it turns out being a great. The value of such serendipitous learning should never be lost. Voting would not only help Jeffrey in planning, but would also others to see what their fellow Laravel developers are interested in (assuming the suggestions/votes are visible).

neovive started a new conversation Official Process For New Video/series Requests

I know Jeffrey is busy working on the Laracasts upgrade and I wanted to suggest a new feature enabling subscribers to request/vote on topics for new tutorials. I've been a subscriber for almost two years and I've learned so much from Laracasts; it's a wonderful resource for the Laravel community. I definitely trust Jeffrey's judgement on new topics, but as Laracasts grows it would be great to have an official way for subscribers to request videos beyond forum posts.

For example, I would love to see more videos covering core Laravel services such as Cashier, Flysystem, Socialite, etc. It would be interesting to see what other subscribers want to learn more about.

In lieu of an integrated suggestion/voting option for subscribers, perhaps, a simple voting-enabled Trello board would suffice.

Again, this is just a suggestion (not a criticism) and Laracasts is definitely awesome!!!

01 Sep
4 years ago

neovive left a reply on Update Easy Auth Lesson In Laravel 5 Fundamentals Series

Thanks for the pointer to the Project Flyer series. That series is on my todo list, but I might skip ahead to review some of the 5.1 updates. I did watch the auth video as you suggested and noticed that Jeffrey switched from using the HTML/Forms library to plain HTML forms. Does he mention his rationale for switching? Does the greater control outweigh the more verbose form code?

neovive started a new conversation Update Easy Auth Lesson In Laravel 5 Fundamentals Series

This is a such a wonderful series for those new to Laravel, but following along with the Easy Auth video results in errors due to changes in Laravel 5.1. For most videos, it's not a big deal to work around version issues (assets and configurations can be found on GitHub), but it's difficult for a newbie to hit a wall on something as important as Authentication when following a fundamentals series. This series, in particular, should work end to end.

You can also use the opportunity to cover the new Authorization services :-)

Thanks again for your hard work on Laracasts!

neovive started a new conversation Workflow For Bower And Elixir

I'm trying to add Bower to my workflow for an upcoming project to manage front-end dependencies. Does anyone use the approach that Matt wrote about at: I'll probably stick with using Bootstrap and jQuery via CDN for the caching benefits, but would like to concat and minify other libraries into one vendor.js.

Also, is it better to concat all JS into one minified script or split into multiple files that can be loaded as needed (e.g. admin.min.js, signup.min.js, etc.)?

21 Aug
4 years ago

neovive started a new conversation Cashier With Multiple Stripe Accounts

I'm assisting a non-profit organization that collects payments in two different accounts (an operating account and a donations account), requiring two separate Stripe accounts. What would be the cleanest way to maintain multiple Stripe keys using Cashier? I was thinking of building a helper class to return the required Stripe key based on the context. Perhaps, there is a better way; I'm very new to Cashier.