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9th August, 2016

murrayw left a reply on Saving An Intervention Image Instance Into Amazon S3 • 2 years ago

Thankyou, this saved me so much!

It's very tempting to assume there is an issue with AWS permissions instead of the image format being incorrect.

7th July, 2016

murrayw left a reply on Using Php70-xdebug With Valet • 2 years ago

Use phpinfo() to verify php version (Mine is: 7.0.6). Then install the correct xdebug for your php version. On MacOSX 10.11.5 using homebrew you can search for the correct xdebug using command:

$ brew search xdebug

This returns the most suitable:'homebrew/php/php70-xdebug

Install xdebug using homebrew:

$ brew install php70-xdebug

To select this php version in your IDE (Under PHPStorm in interpreter section) simply add this path into 'PHP executable':


Then verify which php version and the php.ini path your project is using with:

$ php --ini

Ance you have found the php.ini file (mine is /usr/local/etc/php/7.0/php.ini) add the following lines:


Change the zend_extension if your debug is not installed there.

Also note the port is 9001 and not the default 9000, this is because valet and vagrant sue port 9000. You will need to inform your IDE you have changed the port, you can do this in PHPStorm under 'Preferences -> PHP -> Debug' then change Xdebug Port number to 9001. Then restart valet:

$ valet restart
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