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08 May
2 weeks ago

msassa left a reply on Chaining Jobs Doesn't Work For Me

I found the solution, you need to be explicit on the connection and queue

        (new CleanTenantCache(config('tenant.slug')))->onConnection('connection')->onQueue('queue'),
)->dispatch($request->ids, config('tenant.slug'));```
07 May
2 weeks ago

msassa started a new conversation Chaining Jobs Doesn't Work For Me

Hi everyone. I have this problem: i'm trying to chain some jobs, but doesn't seem to works or I'm not doing it the right way.

I have two jobs, and I call it this way:

                new CleanTenantCache(config('tenant.slug')),
        )->dispatch($request->ids, config('tenant.slug'));

I try this way too:

        MakeReplacements::dispatch($request->ids, config('tenant.slug'))->chain(
                new CleanTenantCache(config('tenant.slug')),

And only execute the first job MakeReplacements:

[2019-05-07 22:30:06][102] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeReplacements [2019-05-07 22:30:07][102] Processed: App\Jobs\MakeReplacements

Any idea, please.

04 Mar
2 months ago

msassa started a new conversation Create A Distributable Widget With VueJS In Laravel Backend

I have this backend made in Laravel, and I need through an api endpoint delivery some slider widget. Something like when I call the api respond something like:

<link href="" rel=stylesheet>
<vue-slider title="Example Slider"></vue-slider>
<script src="">

I found this excellent article and I think is what I'm looking for, but is make in vue-cli and I can't figure out how to adapt that in my laravel application.

If any one have some ideas, or a better way, thanks !!!

05 Feb
3 months ago

msassa started a new conversation Scout ToSearchableArray Doesn't Get Relations When Save From Nova

I have a model, with some relations. One is a belongsTo, and I'm adding some information from this relation to the toSearchableArray to indexed in Algolia. The main model is something like this:

class Car extends Model
    use Searchable;

    public function toSearchableArray()
        $searchableCar = array_only(
            ['id', 'title', 'url', 'active', 'vin', 'stock', 'bodyStyle', 'certifiedPreowned', 'color', 'diff', 'engine', 'kilometer', 'miles', 'make', 'model', 'price', 'year']

        $searchableCar['import'] = $this->import->name;

        return $searchableCar;

    public function import()
        return $this->belongsTo(Import::class);

And when I create a new model from Nova, I get an error saying ErrorException: Trying to get property 'name' of non-object like the relation doesn't exist yet.

I make a dump of the model in the saved event, and the import is null ?‍♂️

I fix this overwriting the method:

public function queueMakeSearchable($models)
        if ($models->isEmpty()) {


        if (!config('scout.queue')) {
            return $models->first()->searchableUsing()->update($models);

        dispatch((new MakeSearchable($models))

and manually loading the relation and it works ... but doesn't feel ok

Someone has deal with this problem?

04 Dec
5 months ago

msassa left a reply on Lock Button Action

@DEVOPS92 - Can you explain how you did this, please?

23 Jul
10 months ago

msassa started a new conversation Npm Run Watch - Exports.push Is Not A Function

It is happening to me that when I run npm run watch, the first compilation works fine, and then, when it detects a change in some vue file, and compiles automatically, in the browser I get these errors:

[Vue warn]: Error in beforeCreate hook: "TypeError: exports.push is not a function"
TypeError: exports.push is not a function

and that component no longer works. I have to stop the watch and run it again. Is impossible to work.

Any idea?

25 Jun
11 months ago
24 Jun
11 months ago

msassa started a new conversation Sending Emails Through Queue (horizon)

I have an issue sending emails through queue. Some times, is taking an old version (old text, old 'from address', everything). I already cleared the cache, restart horizon, and is radom. Any idea what can I do? Thanks

30 May
1 year ago

msassa started a new conversation Querying Related Models

I have the following problem: I need to select users who meet these conditions:

  • be active
  • belong to a particular group
  • belong to a specific category

And here are the two conditions that are giving me problems: 1 # that are within a radius of 200kms 2 # that the category is not overdue

For the 1 # each user has a related hasMany zone (Model Zone) where has lat and lng The 2 # each user has a relationship with the category, and that relationship has a start date and a duration

Today I am doing it in 2 parts, first I select all the users who fulfill the first conditions, And then I make a foreach checking the other two:

$filterSellerByCat = function ($q) use ($category)
    $q->where('category_id', '=', $category);

$sellers = User::with(['groups', 'zones', 'categories' => $filterSellerByCat])
            ->where('activated', '=', '1')
            ->whereHas('groups', function($q){
                    $q->where('id', '=', '3');
            ->whereHas('categories', $filterSellerByCat)

foreach ($sellers as $seller) {
    if($seller->zones[0]->distance()<200 and $seller->categories[0]->pivot->created_at > Carbon::now()->subMonths($seller->categories[0]->pivot->duration)){

In the Zone model, I created a distance method, which returns the distance from a given point and that zone:

public function distance()
    $sql = DB::raw("SELECT ((6378 * acos( cos( radians(POINT_LAT) ) * cos( radians( ) ) * cos( radians( users_zones.lng) - radians(POINT_LNG) ) + sin( radians(POINT_LAT) ) * sin( radians( ) ) ) ) ) AS distance FROM users_zones WHERE = {$this->id}");
    $distance = DB::select($sql);
    return $distance[0]->distance;

Obviously is not the right way because when you have 10000 users that meet the first condition, the foreach it will take too long and consume too much resources.

Someone could suggest me a better solution. I was trying to do everything in the first query ($sellers), but I have not succeeded. Thank you very much