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29th January, 2017

mnabialek left a reply on Laravel Dusk Problem.. • 1 year ago

I've solved the problem with running

php artisan dusk

in Linux (I personally use Docker not Homestead at the moment) in this PR but as it's not released yet you should use dev-master branch to get the changes

18th May, 2016

mnabialek left a reply on File Upload Unkown Error With Phpunit • 2 years ago

This probably doesn't solve OP problem, but in latest Laravel 5.2 versions make sure you create object of


and not


Otherwise you might get quite strange errors as for example with this mimes rule validation failure. There's no point to create any custom validation rules as @Mehdi_Souihed mentioned in his post. For explanation have a look at

mnabialek left a reply on Testing Uploaded Files • 2 years ago

In short you should now use:


instead of


in your prepareFileUpload method. For details have a look at to create your object

13th December, 2015

mnabialek left a reply on NotFoundHttpException In RouteCollection.php • 2 years ago

Make sure url that you click is available in routes and run

php artisan route:clear

to make sure you don't have oudated routes

1st March, 2015

mnabialek left a reply on Video Player Issue • 3 years ago

Hello, I had the exact same problem at least twice (one time today). I was using Firefox Developer Edition 38.0a2 (2015-02-28) on Windows 8.1 I got blue screen with 0xa0000...1 error

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