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Level 3
11,650 XP
4 weeks ago
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Started a new Conversation WordPress Backup

I'd like to backup a Wordpress site I have deployed on Forge. It looks like I can backup the databases easily enough using the backup tool to a Digital Ocean space. However, it seems to only backup the database and not any of the actual site files.

I'd rather not use a plugin if there are decent options I can use within the forge system to backup to a Digital Ocean space I have setup.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

1 month ago
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Replied to We Were Unable To Add A Site To Your Server

I've not used that feature yet. My assumption is that it "isolates" a website when you have more than one on a server. Am I close on that one, or am I completely off track? What would you consider the pros/cons with using that feature?

1 month ago
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Commented on Refactoring: Extract And Inline Variable

When refactoring the code below I'm getting something different. I'm sure it's partly due to the different version of Storm, or a setting somewhere.

public function success($message)
        $this->message($message, 'success');

When I start the refactor (variable) I see the same expressions on your video, however, I'm not getting the option to name the variable. Instead it alters the code to this:

public function success($message)
        $str = 'success';
        $this->message($message, $str);

What am I missing?

1 month ago
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Commented on Construct The Profile Page

Here is the text used in the profile description.

The name’s Bugs. Bugs Bunny. Don’t wear it out. Bugs is an anthropomorphic gray
and white rabbit or hare who is famous for his flippant, insouciant personality.
He is also characterized by a Brooklyn accent, his portrayal as a trickster,
and his catch phrase "Eh...What's up, doc?"
1 month ago
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Commented on Twitter Clone Setup

I’m still learning so sorry I can’t speak to the errors you were receiving. However, I can’t say that the initial page you’re seeing is the new Laravel 8 welcome page. It appears to have been re-labeled as dashboard. At least it did for me when I use the--jet which includes auth, along with several other things.

I’m hopeful that these changes with Laravel 8 doesn’t end up making this to Torio harder to follow, particularly when you get to the project at the end.

Activity icon

Commented on Twitter Clone Setup

@jeffreyway - Thank you sir! Appreciate the work you've done here. I'm learning SO much!

UPDATE: Looks like using composer self-update 1.10.10 will rollback the composer install. At least for me it moved me from 1.10.11 to 1.10.10. This seems to be working for me at the moment. Just hopeful that moving to Laravel 8 which now includes JetStream doesn't confuse me while working on this project.

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Commented on Twitter Clone Setup

Laravel 8 launched today which is great, however, the --auth command appears to have been replaced with --jet , which installs the JetStream scaffolding. I'm having a hard time because it's added new files not used in this project. I've tried going back to Laravel 7, but can't seem to do that. Now I'm running into some error I've not seen before and thus far searching online hasn't yielded any positive results. Could someone help point me in the right direction.

The error I've been getting is

[RuntimeException] Could not load package ezsystems/ezplatform in [UnexpectedValueException] Could not parse version constraint dev-load-varnish-only-when-used as ^2.0@dev: Invalid version string "^2.0@dev"

This occurs when I run either the laravel or composer version of the new project command.

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Building A ERP

The company I work for uses a dated ERP solution that’s based on a Access database. I think it’s safe to say that most of us moved on from access databases years ago.

I’d like to look at replacing that system with a modern and intuitive solution using Laravel. However, I just started learning to code using Laurcast a few months back.

I certainly understand this is a huge undertaking for someone just getting started but would like to think of it as a challenge then something unobtainable.

Like many things a lot of it is subjective, but I have some questions for those been doing this a while.

Where do you start?

Let me further explain question. There’s so many packages and add-ons but being newit’s hard to decipher what you really need. I see things like LiveWire, Vue, React, and there’s probably others I’m not even aware of yet.

Simply put, How would hey seasoned developer approach a project of this magnitude?

1 month ago
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Commented on The Password Reset Flow

Thanks, I was wondering the same thing.

2 months ago
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Replied to Planning Before Coding


Thank you for your ideas. I think you're right in "jumping" in and it becoming easier over times. It's that initial learning curve that's almost like starting to workout. At first it burns, but get easier the more time you spend doing it.

Your're the second person to mention Trello. I'll give it a try to see how it goes.

I like your example about defining the MVP and how you focused on that one thing to make it great.

Good luck with your VOD business!

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Replied to Planning Before Coding

I really appreciate everyone's feedback to my question. Sounds like you guys have a lot of experience, and excited to learn from others. Each of you had some really good thoughts that I plan to work on.

I've gone through some of the beginner lesson series and I'm learning a lot. Now it just a matter of taking what I'm learning and apply that to a "real-world" scenario. I think I have something in mind I'd like to try. Hopefully it goes well.


  • Thanks for the tutorial suggestion, I'll start on that one today.
  • I really like the TDD method you mentioned, seems to make since to test things as you go.
  • I don't always feel like I'm super creative at times, so I'm hopeful building "user-stories" will help bring out more creativity and better sense of how to address pain points in the apps I make.


  • I also like the idea of breaking things down into smaller groups. That's how I currently manage my IT projects at the office. I feel like it keeps you from becoming overwhelmed and more focused on each area of a project.
  • Writing out some thoughts on the project sounds like a good idea too!


  • I like your thoughts forms. I guess I never really thought about it how forms affect the ease of use for an app. Depending on the project, forms could really make|or|break a users workflow, and effectiveness of an app. Thanks for the perspective.
2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Planning Before Coding

I'm just getting started with learning to code and was curios how other, more developed programmers go about designing their code.

  • Do you just jump in and start writing code?
  • Do you have a plan before getting started?
  • Are you using any types of tools that help plan?

Basically, if you were starting a new project how would you get going?

3 months ago
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Commented on Dynamic Snippets

Is there a way to edit the built-in snippets?