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Level 34
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3 weeks ago
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Replied to Code Coverage

Do you have xdebug installed? Since it complains about a missing code coverage driver, I would look to xdebug on the machine running phpunit

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Replied to How To Collect Related Data Through Pivot Table?

What is the complete table schema of branch_user?

Also, I guess the final line is more accurately described as "I want to get a collection of all three workers that belong to branches that User 1 has (= Worker 1+2+3)"

1 month ago
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Replied to Eloquent : How To Store Object In Table

If all that is company/contact specific is that it has a type and a reference to another table, it sounds like a morph field -

2 months ago
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Replied to How To Use Laravel [webhook] Notification With On-demand Notifications?

What does your routeNotificationForWebhook() method on your notifiable (User? ) class look like?

3 months ago
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Replied to Handling Array Validation Failure In Vue

humm... why is the key of the errors "hubs.0", "hubs.1" etc? Is that something you set in the backend?

It would be preferable to get the errors as

    message: "The given data was invalid.",
    errors: {
        hubs: [
            "The hubs.0 must be 3 characters.",
            "The hubs.1 must be 3 characters.",
        "The hubs.2 must be 3 characters."

otherwise, feedback['hubs.0'][0], feedback['hubs.1'][0] and feedback ['hubs.2'][0] should work, I think.

3 months ago
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Replied to Handling Array Validation Failure In Vue

v-if="feedback.hubs.length" v-for="error in feedback.hubs">{{ error }}
3 months ago
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Replied to Transaction Is Rolledback, No Matter What

What happens if you use the transaction() method?

\Illuminate\Support\Facades\DB::transaction(function () {
    $newService = \App\Service::create($service);
    $newQuestionnaire = \App\Questionnaire::create($questionnaire);
3 months ago
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Replied to How To Change Email In Laravel App?

It could be a config cache as @mstrauss says.

If you are sending emails with a queue worker, also note that once the queue worker is running, it will not update when code changes as it will be in memory. If this is the case, restart the worker process

3 months ago
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Replied to Vue.js Vs Angular:


Can you be more specific in your question?

3 months ago
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Replied to How To Display User Created Blogs Only In Laravel Vuejs

Have you tried


On an unrelated note, your relationship on User model should probably be named 'posts' instead of 'post' to show that it is a hasMany relationship.

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Replied to Laravel/passport Authentication Problem

Is the token generated on the old server?

Are the oauth keys the same on the new and the old server?

3 months ago
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Replied to Using Logging Coverage-clover Is Surprisingly Slow

If you are not using the coverage report, you should not run it - it does take vastly longer than without code coverage reporting since it has to do so much more.

I generally run coverage from the command-line manually, when I want to see the coverage.

I guess you could benefit from only running the coverage in certain cases, where it makes sense, but leave it off for the cases where you simply want to know if the tests pass or fail.

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Replied to Elasticsearch Prepare Data For Indexing

You already have the product, so why are you fetching it again? And yes, $this->with('branch')->first() will always fetch the same product out of the database.

public function toSearchableArray()
        $array = $this->toArray();
        //prepare data for geo field
        $array['geo_data'] = $array['branch']['address_latitude'] .','. $array['branch']['address_longitude'] ;

        return $array;

Should probably work

If you still get the error from elasticsearch, you should dump the $array variable and inspect if it makes sense or has too much data.

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Replied to Error While Storing Route ID

What does the route configuration look like?

I am not familiar with Laravel Form api, but if the 'action' is '[email protected]' where is the restaurant in the route URL?

3 months ago
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Replied to How To Place Node On Specific Position(left/right) Using Laravel-nestedset

Left or right of what?

As I understand the package, $parent->appendNode($child) will add $child to $parent. If there are existing children, it will be placed at the bottom.

Also, what do you mean by "fetch [...] based on left position"?

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Replied to Conceptual Approach To Sockets Security

I think you have the concept correct - a user authenticated with a private channel can see all messages broadcast to that channel.

If you do not want the user - even if authenticated - in a private channel to see the message, you will need to

a) Broadcast the message only on channel(s) that the relevant users can authenticate with

b) Broadcast only non-identifying data - such as an ID - and enough data for the frontend to determine if the broadcast is meant for the current user. If not, do nothing, if yes, query the API for the actual message content (of course, the API should block access to the actual message to users it is not meant for)

If this is not a good reply, please elaborate on your issue(s).

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Replied to Nuxt Auth Request With Token Works But Custom Request Fails

'Authorization': app.$auth.getToken('local')

Does the app.$auth.getToken('local') include the "Bearer " prefix? or just the token as raw?

3 months ago