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13th January, 2018

mdk999 started a new conversation Add Additional User Data • 4 days ago

I'd like to add additional user data (Gender, height, weight, age, etc). I know I can extend the user model and add additional fields but not sure this is the best place for this data. I will probably need to get this information when accessing $user (ie $user->height). Suggestions on doing this? Thanks.

mdk999 left a reply on Best Way To Modify Auth In Laravel 5.5 • 5 days ago

Thanks for the quick reply. It was helpful and appreciated.

mdk999 started a new conversation Best Way To Modify Auth In Laravel 5.5 • 5 days ago

I ran make:auth and now have an authentication/login system. I'm looking to modify this but wanted some input on the best way to accomplish this. Do I modify the login controller? do I make my own, include traits the override the functions (ie getLogin). Hoping to add things like redirect based on user role, email confirmation, login with phone number, etc. Thanks much.

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