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1 week ago
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Started a new Conversation Lumen 7 - Get Registered Route URI

Hello, i'd like to know if it's possible to get the registered route URI of the current request, in Lumen 7. For example, if i have the following route registered:

$app->get('foo/{bar}[/optional]', function () {

and if i do an HTTP call like this: GET foo/xxx/123

i'd like to be able to retrieve 'foo/{bar}[/optional]'in a middleware.

I tried with $request->decodedPath(), $request->path(), $request->url(), $request->route(). All of these give me at most the interpolated value foo/xxx/123, but i need the uninterpolated value.

thank you for your time

1 month ago
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Replied to Handling Incoming FormData

Hello sir,

by using form request validation class you mean creating a custom Request class and use that one in my controllers, correct?

I did not specify it in the title, but i'm using Lumen; the make:request command and FormRequests are not available on Lumen.

Anyway i already tried creating an extension of Illuminate\Http\Request, but everything breaks. I have already created a dedicated thread here:

Thank you for your time

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Handling Incoming FormData


in my frontend i have the following object that i need to send to my backend:

let obj = {
  a: 123,
  b: "test",
  c: [ null, File ]

where File is a File object.

I am transforming this object into a correctly structured FormData object, like this:

let form = new FormData;
form.append("a", JSON.stringify(obj.a));
form.append("b", JSON.stringify(obj.b));
form.append("c[]", JSON.stringify(obj.c[0]));
form.append("c[]", obj.c[1]); // this is the file

The reason why i'm stringifying everything is simple: FormData only accepts and sends blobs or strings, so the number 123 would become "123" anyways, but the string "test" would remain "test"; i'm converting to json so that i can decode and figure out the correct types, afterwards.

The problem comes in my backend.

If, and only if, the request was a multipart form data, i have to pass every $request->input throughjson_decode, to get the original value with the correct type.

Normally, with application/json requests, i can access the correct value right away via the input method.

How can i "hook" into $request->input to do this just once? or how can i edit all of the incoming request inputs, just once?

Thanks in advance

Ps: I already thought about using a custom extension of the Request class, without success:

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Started a new Conversation Extend Or Decorate Request In Lumen 7


i'd like to know if it's possible to extend the Illuminate\Http\Request class to alter the behaviour of some of its functions (in particular, ->input and ->all).

I tried creating a custom Request (by extending the base Illuminate Request) and using it as parameter in the controller. The framework throws the following error:

Class My\Custom\Request does not exist
file: "T:\test\backend\vendor\illuminate\container\BoundMethod.php"
line: 165
class: "ReflectionException"

Please note: the class DOES exist, it just can't be "reflected", i think...

I also tried to create a decorator in the web.php file, encapsulating the $router variable, but using my custom request throws error about not being an instance of request.

I also tried using passing a decorated instance of the request inside my first app middleware (by passing it to the $next() closure), without success.

Can anyone help me?


have a nice day